What do I do with my eyebrows shape?


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Hi I'm new to makeup and prefer natural looks in me, but I was wondering how to do my eyebrows? Idk they are pretty thin on the inside but they get thick on the outside and I don't know whether I should except this or play with it and see if I can make them a little more even? I attached a picture of my natural eyebrows. I only really ever wear mascara however I purchased a TotalTemptation brow definer 305 soft brown. Idk what to do with it tried to follow tutorials but I feel like there might be a better strategy out there to make the inside thicker and the outside thinner. Little scared of tweezers. And perhaps my eyebrows are fine as they are


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Don't tweeze. I think if you were to have anything done with them, maybe look into microblading? (Can be pricey and you'd need to have them touched up, but it may be worth it to you?)

To make them look a bit more full in the front, take your brow pencil and use the tip to flick up from where you want the bottom of the brows to be, and continue doing that until you get toward the arch of the brow or where it's more full. (Don't use the pencil on the flat edge. You want more hair-like strokes so your brows will look more natural.)


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I suggest to have a threading, and then afterwards have a microblading.

Threading removes hairs so your brows can be shaped and cleaned, and microblading adds hair-like strokes with ink and a blade. The two services are usually done to complement each other.

Hope this helps!

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