what happens after you get hired?


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Hey guys!

So i finally have an interview with MAC at nordstroms (in colorado). I've gone through all the questions that they might ask and i know the demo starts after. now...IF i get hired (which i'm hoping and praying for), what happens next? do i start training with MAC and what exactly does that mean? I've worked for nordstroms before being a cashier for clinique (but they were connected with MAC, so i got to know the girls really well....although this was in california). sorry if this is so vague.


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If you're hired permanent, you will start within a week or two & go to Basic as soon as one comes around (could be a week, could be a few months).

If it's freelance/on-call, you will have to wait till your paperwork comes through (anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months) and then you sit around until they have an event & call you to work...there is almost no formal training to speak of (some regions have freelance training, but they are few & far between)

Either way, be prepared to do a lot of quick learning on the job.

Good luck!


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MisStarrlight basically answered your question. But in regards to your question about training - basic is pretty much training on product knowledge and your responsibilities as a MAC MA. It's 5 days, it's super fun and very helpful and informative.


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my demo interview today was actually one of the MAs! i originally wasn't scheduled for a demo but they said they wanted to hire me this weekend and start training on tuesday! so one more phone interview with the lady in charge of mac in all of colorado!

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