what is the most underrated and overrated mac lipstick?


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most overrated- myth. it made me look like i was dead.

most underrated- morange. it's really wearable even though it looks scary in the tube.


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most overrated - Real Doll... seriously, how many baby bubble gum pink lustres does MAC make? More than any of us can poke a bloody stick at, it isnt unique nor undupeable and MAC will never stop making those sorts of pinks... Miss Ross comes to mind, California Dreamin, Fun Fun... bleh.... take your pick, they all fit the description.

Most underrated - Strawbaby. This colour should be perm. There just arent that many unscary reds available and this one is super tame for all the girlies who love the idea of wearing red but arent ready to jump into the deep end with Russian Red yet


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overrated: none
underrated: Patisseire l/s. This lipstick should be perm and it's the perfect lipstick that everyone should have!


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overrated- Myth, so many of us can't pull it off
underrated- Pervette- makes for such a cool mod look!!


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Overrated - Myth, Brave New Bronze
Underrated - Snob (great pink) Aloof (best nude ever) and VGI (Best Red ever)


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overrated - myth for sure! made me look horrid!

underrated - hue, cremecup and i agree on strawbaby! such a pretty colour!


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The most overrated MAC l/s, IMO, is Hug Me. It is so not wearable for this NC 15/20ish, dark hair & eyed girl. I don't know if it's my pigmented lips or what, but this has always, always looked awful on me!

I know it's different for everyone, but my underrated fave is Lovelorn. It's a great pink that I hardly hear anything about!


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more Overrated ones to me are - Lollipop Lovin, Fashion Mews and Lavender Whip...nice but wayyy overrated


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Overrated: Fleshpot.. I might as well just be using concealer!

Underrated: Pink Freeze


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I LOVE classical. I picked it up from a cco long ago and it's the perfect pale peachy pink color. I believe it was from the Danse collection? Very expensive on e-bay...does anyone wear it anymore?


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Originally Posted by TISH1124
more Overrated ones to me are - Lollipop Lovin, Fashion Mews and Lavender Whip...nice but wayyy overrated

No longer friends

Overrated: Angel
Underrated: Hue

imo ;-;


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^^^But, But I still lurrve you!!! You Lollipop Lovin thang you!! Not to mention it doesn't look on everyone like it does on you!


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overrated: lollipop loving. its pretty and i love the duochrome, but its not THE best lipstick ever or anything.. or worth $30 on ebay


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overrated: angel, lollipop lovin, snob
underrated: i dunno

i cant believe so many people hate myth! its my favourite lipstick ever and ive gone through like 6 tubes.


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I don't know about overrated. I know I've got caught up in the hype, and bought a few that didn't suit me. I know I was able to trade that weird salmon colour from the Raquel cover story for some good haulage.

Underrated: Embraceable. Oh how deeply I love that shade, and I'm nearly finished my second (and only) tube.