What is your favorite dazzleglass?


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Yeah, I know we have numerous threads talking about the new double dazzle collection and that thread's discussion about the d/g cover about 99.9% of the conversation there (not too much convo about the mascara..blech)

i thought it'd be fun to discuss everyone's favorite dazzleglass(es) here.

i'm a typical girl that can't resist beautiful, sparkly things and i can't get enough of these discussions about the dazzleglasses!

i know a lot of people love to pair these lovelies over lipsticks or other lipglosses/dazzleglasses but i personally like to wear these on their own. i know a lot of these lack pigmentation on its own but they're so gorgeous. now that the sun's out a bit more (i'm in nyc) when the sun shines on my lips, i get so many compliments. love love love.


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lol i know what you mean about wearing them on their own! i also like wearing them on their own.. sometimes for maximum sparkle i layer a sheer lipglass over them too, after some of the gloss wears off so im not left with just dry glitter on my lips. i put hello kitty Fast Friends over Extra Amps yesterday, it made a great pink, blue, and violet-purple glitter combo! a pretty glitter explosion lol. for tommorow ill probably try Fast Friends with Rags to Riches.

my favorites from this collection are: Sugarrimmed, Baby Sparks, Rags to Riches, and Smile. and from last years - Pleasure Principle!

and i cant wait for the Euristocrats d/gs... Vie Veneto and Internationalist look absolutely divine!


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ooh, definitely adding pleasure principle onto my "want" list.

comet blue
miss fizz
glamour od

and i can't wait for the euristocrats II dazzleglasses as well! they sound fabulous!

Fast friends and rags to riches will look awesome together.


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I am LOVIN goldyrocks. I've been pairing it with lollipop loving and it's gorgeous. I wore it today with my easter dress and I got tons of compliments! =]


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1. Miss dynamite
2. Utterly Posh (yay thanks mom
3. Pleasure principal
4. Like Venus

..i kinda like them all actually


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i'm not a huge dazzleglass fan so i would say considering i only own 2 - smile & love alert. those are my favorites!


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my fave is ms fizz which is a beautiful pinky colour! so sad they didn't bring it back this year! and i also have alot of love for date night and comet blue


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My faves are:

1. Ms Fizz
2. Pleasure Principle
3. Rags to Riches
4. Baby Sparks

I have almost all of them though... still trying to find a backup of Ms Fizz!


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i love Love Alert so much that I have 2 lol.

Comet blue is GORGEOUS but i dont wanna use it because its so HTF


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Originally Posted by QueenEmB
I have Mzz Dynamite and I've never worn it!

miss dynamite is beautiful. open it up and start wearing it!!


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i love last years plesure principle, i wish it came out this time cuz i would have bought at least 2 lol. but i think im going to get 2 dazzleglasses

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