What is your favorite nudie-colored lipstick from MAC??


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The only nude l/s from mac I have right now is Myth, but I feel kinda so-so about it because I think it's just a tad too light...

which do you like??


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I like Body Suit and Blankety for nude lips. Or you can try filling in your lips with Cream O' Spice creamstick l/l and put some clear lipglass over it...that works out good, too. I'm an NC25 (NC30 in summer) and if your coloring is similar, you should get good results with these. HTH.


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Hug Me is apparently as nude as I'm getting. I bought Body Suit and I look like a cadaver

I think I just don't have A) Large enough B) Pigmented enough lips to pull it off. Combined with large eyes, I think I looked like an extra from Close Encounters :goofy:


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Flutterby, I love this one! It's hard to get a nude lipstick to work on me, but this one is perfect.


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i love siss... it's my fave nudish color. the only nude that doesnt make me look dead at least! and i like hug me, but thats more pinkishy on me!


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/ large, pigmented lips / NC20. (in the winter I can get up to an NC15, in the summer, I go up to an NC25)

Blankety is my absolute STAPLE for nude lips. I can't find anything else that doesn't make me look like a corpse. Honeylove comes in a close second.