What is your favorite nudie-colored lipstick from MAC??


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I think I just don't have A) Large enough B) Pigmented enough lips to pull it off. Combined with large eyes, I think I looked like an extra from Close Encounters :goofy:



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I like "rags to riches" from the Beau for a beige nude I also like Pink Aperitif (which is nude on me in a pinky way... it matlches my lips)

non mac nude is revlon superlustrous gloss in Nude


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For a nw20 with dark brown hair & eyes, and mauve-ish lips, Entwined is my best nude, but Hug Me worked also, Moderne (LE) just scrapes in (bit light but can get away with it).


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I love love LOVE Honeylove.

Others I like (but they come nowhere close to Honeylove): VGV, Bare Venus, Peachstock


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every nude lipstick I have tried so far have always been cool toned, like Bare Venus; it was a total disaster on me, it was gray and it instantly made me 70 years older...so is there a warm neutral out there?


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midimauve is my favorite "neutral" lipstick. its not really nude on me per say, but i use it when i wanna do dramatic eyes/non-dramatic lips.


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Havne't found the perfect one yet. I'm getting bodysuit in the mail today, though. So, I'll let you know how that goes.

On topic, had anyone here tried MAC's "Kinda Sexy" l/s? I've been looking for a swatch(requested, but got no response) or at LEAST a picture of someone wearing it(couldn't find any in the fotd's either) for over a month now. It looks like a nude, but I want know what shade exactly. We all know those colour squares on the MAC site aren't exactly accurate for measuring colours. tia!


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Coco Hailey, Try Jubilee. That is the only one I have luck with. Most nudes look terrible on me but I can wear this one.