What is Your Favorite Quad?


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I have 3, out of the ones that I have and I would have to say I really love

Boudior Hues
Thunder Eyes
Corps De Couleur

Which ones are yours?


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Liza AM

i sold the only other one i ever had - and i honestly can't remember which one it was! heresy, i know...



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No idea. I depan quads as soon as I receive them, so I have no idea what colour comes from which set.


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this is going to sound boring but my most used is Boy Beauty. The colors aren't exciting but I can do a basic everyday eye with this plus my brows and liner. This is the perfect throw in your purse - if you have to do makeup on your way to work- quad!!!

My second is Inventive Eyes.


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I have a few. My fav is the Laze quad from last years Icon. So good for everyday. Love it. I have the Corps de Couleur and Sweetie Cakes. Not crazy about them and I think I want to sell them. then I think I can't b/c they are LE blah blah blah. But I plan on getting the Sultress Eyes tomorrow and maybe the Amazon eyes. Just can't get enough.....


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me too on Liza AM and Laze. I also loved Brows, and I bought each one as a single & gave the quad to my niece.

I'm already loving the new Icon quads even tho they won't arrive at my door till Friday!