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what is your most used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish?


New member
The ones I use most often are Perfect Topping and Cheeky Bronze.
What is your most-reached for MSFs?


New member
At this very moment... Light Year! And I don't see that changing anytime soon.
But I also show a lot of love to my Lightscapade and my Semi Precious Crystal Pink


New member
I use Lightscapade daily with either Light Year or Star Wonder topped over whatever blush I am wearing :)


New member
I'd have to say Whisper of Gilt and Sweet Heat eyeshadow (I can count this right?! I miss out on Superb). Light Year is right up there as well!


New member
Brunette, Petticoat, Sunny By Nature, Warm Blend, Gold Deposit, Porcelain Pink, So Ceylon, Cheeky Bronze, Warmed and Earthshine!

I haven't used the ones from SP yet and I just picked up ES and LY but ES is a winner!


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Semi Precious Crystal Pink, by far for me.

I love it and wish it had shown up in my CCO so I could've BUd it.


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Global Glow, it looks perfect on me in the summer! I'm almost out though. For my daughters dance recitals, they look great in Naked You, the sparkles fit their youth. :D