What is your the worst travel experiences?


What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

Once I was late and missed the flight because of the difference in time zones. Fortunately, I managed to exchange tickets but had to wait for the next flight for 5 hours. That's why it's better to have an app with the exact time in cities of the world or website like this for example time-radar.com


Egypt. Food was awful, weather is really very very hot, about +35-+37, there are completely dark in 6 p.m. Service of hotel is also greedy. Very bad experience.


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Rome, we were out of the hotel the whole day and when we came back our hotel was robbed. We lost a lot of things but luckily we brought our passports and money with us.


I remember the time when I decided to go to LA to relax and unwind, but then it all goes into stress when we bump into the worst hotel accommodation ever!!! It's a total waste of time and money.


Went to Mexico for spring break and was hammered pretty much the whole trip. Lost my phone, my camera, and I almost lost my passport.
Bitten by a (they say) black widow on my first day in Borneo. The paralysis started on my hand, where I was bitten, and just traveled up and got really scary when it started affecting my breathing. The clinic, and then the ER, gave me paracetamol, which didn't quite deal with the problem at hand.

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