What MAC 2013 products have you been using the most?


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I know the year's not over yet but I've been trying to think about what were my most loved and most used items so far this year.

It's been a weird year with tons of great products, but not so many that were above and beyond standouts that burn themselves deep into your brain with their utter specialness. We got a lot of perfect versions of things we've already had in less perfect versions, which has its good and bad points…they get a little interchangeable that way, sadly.

For me, so far the huge unique standouts have been Zestful, Sushi Kiss, Adored, Rio, Subverted, Brazenly, Damson.

The best-version-ever products have been Riri Boy, Feed the Senses, Temperature Rising Quad, Rainy Day Quad, Ripe For Love, Hot Nights, Bareness, Beluga, Camel Coat

I got a lot of use out of Sweet & Sour, Caliente, Ronnie Red and Exotic Ember, even though they don't quite make either of these lists. They're just good stuff and very grabable, when I didn't have a special plan in mind. Runway Hit is going to be on this list too.

Best collection: hands down, Nudes & Metallics.

There are other things I loved and used, but these are the ones that got the most traction for sure.


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Well 2013 has been the year I got into MAC. I had two urban decay shadow palettes and a bunch of drugstore bits and bobs. I started buying MAC products around the Baking Beauties collection but I bought mainly perm products at the time. The collection that I visually liked the most was Tropical Taboo but I found that Adored and Rio were the stand out products. For me the best collection has been Indulge, I've been using many of the lipsticks and eyeshadows on a regular basis! Looking forward to future collections although I have too many things already!!

Dolly Snow

I use Flatter Me almost everyday as a blush. I love it.
Also I use Heaux l/s a hell of a lot. Oh and Flamingo, almost finished with it as a matter of fact. I only bought one so I am hating finishing it up.


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Heroine lipgloss , Brazenly es, SM ,Fiery Impact and Hidden Treasure blushes. BG is in the running too . A bunch of lipglosses -Underdressed and too many to list. Just discovered the beauty of Lust For Life-hooked. I am sure there are others but those stand out the most presently


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I love loads of things from this years collections All about orange was a huge standout ive been using the blush in honey jasmine like crazy im scared i'll hit pan any day now


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for 2013...
most used? for me it's by far the bronze strobe liquid and barbados girl lustre drops...

as liba mentioned, ronnie red lipstick has been grabbed a lot, and for a really bright red, it's surprisingly easy to wear!


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Now that I think about it, I didn't buy that much MAC this year. My addiction definitely cooled off a little, for the first time since I got into MAC. One of the reasons being the price increases, I rather buy high end brands for that money, and also that some collections were hard to get here. Either they were very exclusive, or sold out very fast or not available at all, and I've become really tired of all that lately.
Most of the items I did buy this year weren't that amazing, the most used item would be the Illustrated face palette I got recently. I didn't even plan to get it, it was an evilbay bargain. Besides that I did use Pure Zen quite a bit, I know it wasn't released this year, but I just only got it a couple of months ago.
Ohhh wait, Stereo Rose! Was the release this year? I don't remember. If so, that's my most used item for sure. And the duo fibre eye brush.

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2013 is the year I really got into Mac. The products I use the most so far are:
Cream Soda Blush - Archie's Girls Collection
Lust, Rio and Adored MSFs - Tropical Taboo
Feed the Senses l/s - Indulge Collection


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It´s probably Après Chic l/s. :eyelove: That shade of red goes very nicely to my skintone. I use Betty Bright l/s a lot too. It´s a bit too cool for my skintone though...


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Hands down, I use Pink Buttercream from Baking Beauties the most! It's a great every day highlighter for me. I have also gotten a lot of use out of Daydreaming eyeshadow - this summer, I did a lot of sunset-inspired eye looks.

Others include Cream Soda blush from Archie's Girls and Ripe for Love blush from Temperature Rising. I use Feel My Pulse lipstick pretty frequently, too!


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Has to be heaux for me. I am on the darker skin-tone side and it's just almost perfect for any occasion.

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