What Mac color products are you excited to use more for the fall?


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I went through my collection the other day, and tried to pick out the fall-ish shades that I want to use more in the coming months. I tried to focus on products I got from collection hauls, mainly because those were the majority of my Mac purchases from the last year.
For eyeshadow, I want to use Electric Mandarin from the Chris Chang collab, and 300 Game from the new It's a Strike collection. Also the Full Orbit quad from the Future Mac collection, as it also gives me a kind of fall-ish vibe. I have all the foiled shadows from Faerie Whispers, and I use them fairly regularly already as I really love them, but I'll definitely be using Faerie Fayre, Enchanted Forest and Joy Toy a lot more.
My go-to blush will be Spellbinder, also from the Faerie Whispers collection. It's probably my favorite blush ever. For more nude-ish looks my pick is Cosmic Force from Future Mac.
And for the lipsticks: Retro Rouge from the Charlotte Olympia collab for when I want a bolder look. I actually never wore this lipstick before other than just trying it out when I got it, so I'm kind of excited about it. For more natural looks my picks are Midsummer Night from the Faerie Whispers collection, the Back in Vogue Retro Matte ls. I also picked Among the Fireflies (again, Faerie Whispers), but didn't put it in the natural category, as it is a more bold lip color on my skintone. And even though it was a part of the summer collection, I think Hot Chocolate is also great for fall. For some color, I picked Have Your Cake from Flamingo Park.

What are your top picks for this fall? :)


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For mine would be

Media Lipstick
Antique Velvet lipstick
Burgundy x 9 eye palette
To Boldly go pressed pigment (From star trek collection)
Oh Lady Retro matte liquid lipcolor
Dance with me Retro matte liquid lipcolor


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Lipsticks are my favorites after all so I would have to say...
Film Noir
Ruby Woo
Smoked Purple
These are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head


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For eyes: Antiqued, Folie and Mystery

Lips: Velvet Teddy, Pander Me and Brave

Blush: Warm Soul and Mocha

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