What make up with this dress please?


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I'm attending a 100th Birthday Luncheon on Sunday and have bought this dress to wear.

I don't normally wear blue, and am at a bit of a loss what to wear with it.

I have black hair (dyed)
Hazel eyes
and am normally a NW15, but I am slightly darker and freckly atm

The dress

This is the most recent pic I have


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I would wear mothbrown and a weeny teeny bit of blue.

But I'm seriously not creative like that. :/

I only posted to tell you I love that dress!!!

Beauty Mark

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I'd go with a very fresh face. Flushed cheeks, brown on the eyes, lightly lined, pinks lips. I wouldn't bother trying to put blue anywhere on your face.

It's a great dress, btw.


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Pretty dress - my favorite color!

I'd go with coppery/bronze/peach/brown colors to complement the blue dress and your hazel eyes. Some of my fave colors with my blue clothes and my blue/green eyes are MAC Glama Ray (heard Tan pigment is a good dupe but I don't know), Mythology, Melon/Deckchair... (not all together)

Smokey eyes and nude lips go well with everything but I'd go with a fresh more neutral look.

Forgive me if I'm babbling. It's 2am and my hubby is snoring and I can't think!!


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i love that dress!

i would go with neutrals and use a deep/ muted blued on my outer corners, lower lid for depth and a touch of color that matches the dress.... a nude lip

that's my suggestion! have a great time and be sure to post pics with what you came up with


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I was suggest a lighter blue on the lid, intensify your crease with a darker navy blue and add fluid liner by lining ur upper and lower eyes. I would suggest Blue Peep

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