what to do with inconsiderate stoner roommate?


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I am not certain, but I have a feeling eviction notices may vary from state to state as well as possibly town to town. I would check your Town Hall for any information or possible Town/State website that might have information. Certainly you seem to be in a very fair position to evict her. She is not only breaking the rules that you laid out before she rented, but also she is breaking the law and putting you in danger as someone who knows she is doing drugs but not reporting her. Get rid of her. There are potential roommates who will gladly obey the rules and relieve that kind of emotional stress on you.


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i dont see why you can't evict her as long as you give her a reasonable notice. you had rules, and drugs and smoking was a part of that.


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yes i would totally evict her! it is your property and i am guessing that you got her to sign a contract that included the house rules. perhaps there is a free advice number you could call to double check the details. in the uk we have a citizens advice bearu where you can do that. good luck!


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Depends on what state you live in, but you can ask her to leave. You have to give her a chance to "reconsider" the lease... i.e. she will quit what she is doing and continue to live there, or break the lease and move out (and forfeit any remaining rent, again, depending on the state). I would say to go to her, tell her that if you smell weed one more time, you will pursue an eviction through the court system. This isn't going to actually happen, but see what she does. If she continues to smoke, give her a 7 day eviction notice, effective upon receipt. Keep up posted.

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