What will/did you name your Children.

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My daughter's name is Abaijah Leilani.

I think my next child will be a boy, and I have a name in mind for him, but my husband doesn't like it :/


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My son's name is Gavin-Luca Valentino. I did not want to name my son Gavin but Luca's dad wanted the name and I said I'd only chose that name if it was hyphenated.

When I was in HS I truly wanted to name my first child "Tekk" after my favorite Playstation game ever - Tekken. LOL.

If I have a girl next I'd love to name her Monet.


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My daughter's name will be Isabella Margaret.

I don't want boys, so I don't have names for them lol. jk

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My son's name is Liam Jonas Manfred. Liam because I am of Scottish decent, Jonas because the Hubby and I liked it and Manfred because it's my husbands middle name and his fathers name. We were going to name him Silas but the Da Vinci Code kind of ruined it.

If we have a girl her name will be Alana Carys Yvonne. Alana because my husband loves it, Carys because it's Celtic/Welsh and Yvonne because it's my grandmothers middle name.


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When i have kids, i have a million and one names to think from! i love all of the names posted so far and i think for me, i will just need to see my child to determine what i will name them.


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Lawson Riley (my son) and Britain Charann (daughter Charann after my mom and husband's mom Charlotte and Julie Ann)


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Boy's names I like: Caleb/Kaleb Xavier and Jared
Girl's: Simone Alicia (bc I love Alicia Keys!) and Anastasia (after my gradmother) ... my bf likes Savannah Zuri (this was before Suri Cruise!!) ... I also think Cacharelle would be interesting but he said it sounds like casserole!!


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My son is Benjamin August and my hypothetical future daughter will be Bailey Dorayne. August and Dorayne are multi-generational family names. =)


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For Boys or Girls: Never, Gonna, and Happen



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I really want a big family, I only have one sister and my parents are both only children, so no close cousins or anything like that. I have lots of girls names picked out for when the time comes (not that it will be soon!) but I also strongly believe in adoption (but I'd like to adopt older children say 15+), so whether I'll get to use any of my names who knows! Boys haven't thought about it, leave it to my significant other - who I haven't found yet either.

So anyways, excuse the fact they're all unusual, I like names like this -
Autumn Rose
Melody Sunshine
Cassia Violet
Azura Skye
Melissa Ava (or Ella, or both!).

But then again I like normal, but pretty ones like Emmaline, Maddie, Cara etc.

I need to stop watching Jon ad Kate Plus 8, giving me ideas.


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Originally Posted by concertina
For Boys or Girls: Never, Gonna, and Happen


hahahahaha....I had the same names picked!


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Leilana... that's pretty. =)

as for me...
Britain, Olivia for girls
Redding, Matthew for boys


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i love love love kyla for a girl

not sure about the boys lol i have a thousand ideas in my mind but i keep changing my mind so god knows what i'll pick, maybe i won't have kids after all LOL


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Ive always loved the names Ava, Kylie, and Stella for a girl. As for boys I like the name Liam alot. Ah there are so many names I love haah I will have a difficult time choosing!


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I have 3 daughters. Their names are Hailey Isabella, then Emily Alexis, and Chloe Ann.

My husband and I wanted a boy but it never happened. When I was younger I had all these boy names picked out. But the only name I like is Henry. I can't really find any good boy names.

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