What will/did you name your Children.


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Love your names! I always wanted my daughter named Briseis since I saw Rose Bryne play her in the movie Troy.
Girls: Briseis, Ibis, Ivy (middle names will be after my mother and aunts)
Boys: I'll probably name him a junior or just name him after my brother Raymond. My sister already named her son's middle name after my brother so I hope it doesn't conflict too much. (Or just let my future husband pick.)
If we ever have a girl (doubtful at this point) she will be Briseis (pronounced Brih-say-us ... the Trojan priestess of Apollo that Achilles falls for in the Iliad) Persephone (Odysseus's wife in the Odyssey).


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So far, my hubs and I are pretty sure we don't want kids but if we had them, I already have their names picked out. If we had a boy, we would name him Samuel William. The middle name would be in honor of both our fathers, who are both named William. If we had a girl, we would name her Katherine Olivia. And she would be called Katherine or Kate. I am not big on nicknames, except when people call me Sam or if they called my son Sam. But Katherine is such a beautiful name, I would hate for it to turn into a nickname. But kids do make up names for one another. Since we don't plan on having kids, I have named my new car Andre, after Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans. I have a new VW Beetle and it is an amazing car but like Andre, it's awesomeness sneaks up on you. Just FYI.


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Still in the camp of HAPPILY CHILD-FREE and we plan on remaining that way. My 7 year old niece keeps me on my toes and I love her more than my own life. Her mother, my older sis, just had another baby and I can't imagine loving this new niece as much as I love the older one. So as for baby names, I know I said originally, if we did have kids Katherine Olivia was one. Well, my cousin, HONESTLY NOT KNOWING that that was one of my "baby" names, chose it for the kid she just had, as the middle name. So now I think if we suddenly changed our minds and had a daughter, it would either be Katherine Harper DeMuro or Katherine Elizabeth DeMuro. But it's pretty much a moot point since hubs and I don't want kids. Now, once we get our rescue dog that we've yet to pick out, we are going to name him Walter, after my favorite character on the TV show, FRINGE. Sounds silly I guess, but it has a meaning behind it and it fits a dog. IMO. :)


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my son will be Kayden James ( my dad and also my husbands uncle who both are deceased are named james)
My future baby girl will probably have my middle name since my husband is obsessed with it .. being La-Paris i want to name her after his grandmother (mable) but i think thats kind of too olf now a days .. maybe give it as her middle


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I don't have kids yet and I honestly don't know if I ever want to have any, but if I do I would hope for all daughters and their names would be Leairra Delores (Delores for my grandma) and Lily Inez Rose (Inez for my other grandma). I didn't want to have two middle names but I had to get Inez in there. I've never really thought of boy names...


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7yr old- Daejon Julian (my deceased mom was Julia) 16 month old- Jreu Bentley (pronounced Drew) 5 day old- Khloe Renee


My daughters name is Savanna, after my favourite car the Savanna Mazda RX3, and my sons name is Cooper, after Timo Mäkinen's Mini Cooper S that won the rally of Monte Carlo in 1965.

I'm a huge car nut.


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Girls: Pilar, Lauren and Micah are long time favorites. Recently, I have taken a liking to Isidore but who knows if that will stick. Boys: Cristian and Benjamin are also long time favs  


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My sons name is Andersen Joel :) if I am blessed with another child one day, I would probably go for Miro Logan for a boy or Anastasia Luisa for a girl.


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I love the name Laila for a girl and that will be the name of my first daughter. I also like Lena, Zaara and Zarina. The only boys name I like is Shiraz and that would be a middle name.


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Apparently my first name is super popular on here as far as girl names go.. lol it was definitely not as popular growing up. My name is Leilani but I go by Leila :)

Girl names: Aria Soleil & Adelaide Victoria(my middle name/Moms name)
Boy names: Jayden, Aiden, Jaylen

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