What would you pay for ..............?


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I have a chance to purchase the following:

MAC Glitter Brilliants: Jam Session

MAC Pigment: Steel Blue

Are they worth buying and what would you pay for each?

Thank you very much


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I paid the regular retail for Steel Blue and I actually don't like it - the particles are huge and it goes on streaky. I definitely wouldn't pay any more than retail for that one.


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Steel blue is pretty chunky, but it's a realllly pretty color, and a lot easier to work with if you use mixing medium or even just water. I'm not a big fan of glitter because I don't have much of a use for it, and Jam Session seemed especially chunky to me, like a step up from craft glitter.


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I paid $4+ for a 1/4 teaspoon sample of Jam Session and I wish now that I hadn't.

Like AlliSwan said, it is big and chunky, not at all fine. I know it's disc and was LE, and it is a lovely color, but if I could go back, I def would not have paid so much for it.


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I personally like steel blue. I wouldn't pay anymore than retail for it. It is still available from MAC.
Jam Session was the worst glitter I have ever tried. It was so chunky that it looked like blackheads the one time I wore it. I took it back.


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I bought Jam Session on eBay when it was first released. As it was only available in the US, (and I'm in the UK), that was my only way of getting it. I had to pay absolutely through the nose, because this was before the days when I knew there were lovely ladies willing to cp. I paid far, far more than it's worth. I suppose it has a certain amount of collector value, and it is a pretty colour, but it's uses are a bit limited compared to other products.


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I have both - I absolutely adore my steel blue, and I hate my Jam Session (too chunky)