What would you use for a Golden Greek Goddess??


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Hey Ladies!! Just thought I would create this thread to get some ideas for my friends upcoming bachelorette party this summer. I was thinking about doing an order soon for makeup that we could incorporate for her Greek Goddess Bachelorette party. We were thinking gold themed.
Does anyone know a good color combination for a sexy bronzed golden smokey eye?? What about pigments? Reflects Gold? Anyone try it?? Any ideas for sexy flirty lashes that are your faves?? Any ideas would be SOOOO Helpful!!


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Reflects gold is really fun. I like golden stuff too so I'm waiting for the Naked Honey collection to see how that goes. In general though, I'd suggest doing some neutral mattes as a base withe tiny bit of shimmer like reflects gold or a shimmery bronzer.


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I would do Romp,Bronze,Goldmine,Carbon shadows.
Mix a lil Tan pigment into ur foundation for a light shimmery bronzey effect.
Sunbasque Blush and Gold Deposit MSF to highlight cheeks, forehead, and chin.
Nude glossy lips. Creme d'Nude topped with Cthru


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MUFE's golden Star Powder (#922) is amazing - I'd definitely use that.
I'm also waiting for the Naked Honey collection...


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Patina on lid
Sumptuous olive in crease
Woodwinked to deepen up the crease
Femme Fi to highlight.

For face your normal routine, but I'd use Lemon pigment to highlight. Gorgeous in the light. It reflects a golden yellow so it looks like you're literally glowing. Oh, and with a light hand, So Ceylon to contour.

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