Whats on your desk?


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I love questions like these, it's a neat way to get to know people...

My desk at work has :
*8 skiens of yarn (I'm working on knitting 2 different projects)
*a huge pink stuffed poodle
*tons of photos of the family, etc...
*3 training manuals for when I train the newbs here
*2 networking books/cd's for labs for my networking class
*8 model corvettes
*books books and more books (about 7) for when I'm really bored
*post-its everywhere!

My desk at home has :
*2 computers/scanner/printer (one for school and every day stuff, one for my photography/editing)/paper cutter
*note pads galore
*spanish and russian books (catching up on spanish, learning russian)
*my most prized posession, my stetson (cow boy hat, yep, I'm a country girl)


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oh jeeze i have a lot, okay..here we go.

- the basic comp. stuff, monitor, keyboard, mousepad, mouse, speakers, printer, scanner.
- lamp
- salley hansen natural nail growth activator
- salley hansen age correct growth treatment
- 5 second bite free nail treatment
- 1 bottle of solar oil
- strawberry lip smacker
- all natural chapstick
- my ipod
- yankee clean cotton candle
- demeter cinnamon bun candle
- 'my smelly stuff' clean cotton linen spray
- a green bow hair clip? wtf? lmao
- a delivery confirmation reciept
- my health textbook
- a 9 page health exam :|
- a pen
- another hairclip
- a hi-c from mcdonalds
- aveeno lotion
- headband
- neosporin
- neutrogena rapid clear
- essie smoothies lotion
- olay body quench
- pedicure essentials lotion
- bandaid box
- an empty bag of lemonheads
- dove defined texture molding cream
- 2 bath and body works coupons
- 'curly girl' book

and then i have shelves and stuff but i'm not gonna label what's in those O_O


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I have wayyy too much on my desk: (6 feet long!!)
- monitor
- speackers for my computer
- 8 vases
- note sheets
- box for my pencils
- CDs
- 2 empty bottles of champagne one decorated with wax
- too much stuff I dont really need (books, batteries, calculators, remote contraols, bags, duck tape, lotion, spoons, glue, adhesives, caramel syrup and many more!!!)


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I don't really have a desk per se because I am lazy and live my life from my couch, so I can compute on the laptop while watching TV and eating, thus my coffee table is my desk. That said...

laptop and Zip drive
two ashtrays
cigarettes (Kamel Red Lights) and two lighters
eight little glass votive candle holders
picture of me and the boy (awwww)
multi vitamins
flax seed oil capsules
candy dish w/Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip candies in it
bag of Combos
yarn and crochet needle for latest crochet project
assorted lipsticks and lipglosses from my daily purse dumpings
Swatch watch and my daily necklace, bracelet, and rings
cell phone and remotes for my electronics
iPod mini
UD How Could Anyone? bracelet
coffee mug
deck of cards
Sephora catalogue
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
three black hair bands and one clip


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oh lord...Where do I even start.
I built it myself and its a huge corner desk...
lol I cleaned it last night, and today it looks like a bomb landed on it, and I havent gotten the mail or the kids homework and teacher stuff yet :p

Monitor of course, lamp, alarm clock, 6 speakers
7 mini sets of drawers for lipsticks/eye stuff..
camera, pencil sharpener for the lil brat..
large box of samples
3 boxes with l/g, l/s, lgs
3 containers with my e/l, s/s and such, brushes & misc stuff, l/l and misc lip stuff..
Epson all in one printer/scanner/photo printer/faxer/memory card reader
Postage Scale
Magnifying/regular mirror
my meds..all 40 bottles...
tons of papers & crap i need to sort through.
Pictures of my daughter
Bare escentuals calendar
gucci II Perfume
Cacharel Noa Fleur Perfume
Mac makeup remover
Mac Brush Cleanser
Mac Strobe Cream
Mac Whitening lotion
Mac Nail polish remover
Mac Fix+
Mac Holiday sets (all of em)
Mac Mixing Medium (face & body and eye)
Mac Lipconditioner
T&T Glitters..
Borther hobby labeler
DVD-rs & Cds
Jewelery cleaner wipes <~holy grail!
Packaging tape
Packaging Envelopes
Glue sticks
phone & headset :p
exacto knife

Lower levels of the desk, computer, modem, external harddrive, router, gaming gear, fan, flashlight, misc accessories, misc packaging stuff, box full of bac2mac stuff...so much more but it would take me forever and a day to type it all up...


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My desk is so cluttered!

Theres the usual necessary computer stuff, pens, envelopes, mail that I really need to get round to dealing with and the rest of it is full of makeup, skincare, hairbrushes, mirrors etc. I swap on MUA and get a swap package nearly every day lol so theres goodies from swap packages everywhere.

My husband is like 'tidy up that desk!'


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flat monitor,
5x mirror
random books
bottle of fabric paint
random papers
bag from tacobell
alphabet stencils
roll of ribbons
math papers
kitten heels
ear thermometor
photo album
candy flower vase
big Musical Merry Christmas Santa Clause stand up.
pair of socks
plastic mac bag
Screw driver
box of crayons.
bowl of ice cream.
tape anddd
sugar cookies
butter pound cake.


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