When steamy meets cranberry


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Hey guys, i did a little experiment tonight!!
Tell me what you think!!!!

On the face:
BE medium beige, warmth and glee as blushes

On the eyes
cranberry E/S
Steamy e/s
Surreal e/s

Loreal double extension mascara

on the lips some H&M lipbalm

here it is:

And this one which would have been so much better with my mouth closed!!!! lol


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Originally Posted by Shimmer
I hadn't thought to put these colors together but seeing, it's nice!

Yeah me either but it looked so pretty side by side in my palette so i tried it!!!


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Originally Posted by maggiep07
ooo thats hot! What's on your nails by the way!? That color is awesome!

On my nails: Chanel: rouge noir n°18


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oy vey, I've been on the fence for steamy...but have the other colours. So on my "to buy" list. GREAT COMBO!!!


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I love this! The color combo is really awesome-I wouldn't have thought to put those two together but I really really love it! Awesome job!!!


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That looks so nice. Ive wanted to try them and got worried it would look odd. But now im going to do that look very soon

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