which brand should i choose?


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hey everyone!
i really need your recs on this one question.
so the point is: next week is my birthday, im turning 18, and im doing a quite big party cause the last time i celebrated was about 8 year ago
so im really excited, and i want to look perfect!

the problem is that im a nail bighter..... i really hate it, and i just would SO love to have nice long nails. i have already stopped for a several times, but everytime i have stress and somethings wrong, i just start biting again. so now i have really loads of stuff to do in school, cause im doing my final-exams in 3 weeks (in austria its called matura) and now i dont know if i can... and have loads of trouble with everything. so my nails are again just tiny and yucky at the moment.

so for my party, i want to get myself some fake nails cause i really am ashamed of mine
the point is, i have no idea which brand to choose and which ones to go for.

i have once let myself do professional acrylic nails: and it stayed great, but my nails were so broke, hurting and thin as paper after them, so i will never ever do that again! and i would love to do gel-nails, but they are soooo expencive! everywhere i looked they cost about plus/minus 200$ then the filling 100$, and so on... and i really cant afford that.

so i was looking at allessandro nails from the couture line, and they seem ok cause theyr not to long and i really want them to be "normal" like a bit over the fingertip, and not much longer... but i have never tried any of those so i really dont know what to look at... so i decided to ask you.

can anyone help me choose a special brand or type + the right glue? or is there anything i have to consider when bying or doing them?


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Have you ever thought about getting some salon-quality ($12-ish) nail growth enhancer? I heard that stuff works really quicky and makes your nails nice and long.

I have naturally long and pretty fingernails, but if they break or I want to use fake nails I end up getting the cheap ones for like $3.00. The glue always works for me and when it does come off it doesn't leave my nails all jacked up. I guess I'm lucky.

I didn't even know there was such things as coutoure lines of nails!! eeek! lol.
You could always go to the salon to get the fake nails put on rather than acyrlics. They can do that you know.


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yeah but i kinda just wanna do it myself lol ^^
i cant imagine it beeing so hard,.... or am i wrong?
havent heard of those polishes. ive tried a few nail growth enchancers... they kinda work, but i dont think anything will make my nails normal-looking in one week (and believe me, they are awfully short o_O something like 5 mm. i know: disgusting) well do you know allessandro? we dont have opi in our stores, so i guess allessandro is a german brand (quite good though) and they have a nail couture-line which is just simple black-pink-glittery stuff with some stickers, false nails, glue, quite normal acually ^^


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I used to get the cheap ones from a drugstore too, if you only want them for one night they should be OK. I don't know the brand Alessandro however, maybe we don't have them here. They sound nice though!