Which MAC lipstick matches best?

Not sure where to post, but planning on going with mac so figured here would be the best place :).

I'm going to a military ball in about a week and a half, and this is my dress: http://www.betsyandadam.com/betsy-a...all-2015/a17215-long-ballgown-popover-print-1

It looks like the top is black, but it's actually a dark blue. I'm having difficulties finding a lipstick shade to match it. I have fair skin, don't wear lipstick often, and Pinterest isn't doing the job. Thanks to any suggestions :)

Marsha Pomells

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That's a nice combo, but back to the topic.

You could either rock a nude lipstick like Faux or Creme D'Nude. If you decide to go red, MAC Red or Lady Danger.

Pinks... Flat Out Fabulous or All Fired Up.

I doubt you'll go purple.

If you decide on a berry or burgundy, D for Danger or Diva.


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that's such a pretty outfit :) I would go with either a burgundy lip or a classic red for a pop of color but I guess it depends on what you're wearing on your eyes too. and I usually go for a vamp on special occasions just because I can't really wear a dark vamp to my university or my job so I like to go all in if I can on events lol.

would like to add that a vampy lipstick that you blot once and then reapply will hold a loong time (at least on me) even through a dinner and/or a long evening than a regular nude lipstick. but maybe that's just me :)


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I am fair also and I find for a red MAC's Russian Red is a great choice but for a more neutral colour I usually opt for MAC Syrup which is a my lips but better kinda mauve blush colour as nudes can wash me out .Beautiful dress and as blue is opposite orange on the colour wheel if you want to perhaps try a coral shade that is pretty but not too loud I love MAC Crosswires :)


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If you're not a lipstick wearer, and you'd prefer to stay in your comfort zone, you may want to opt for a nude. So something like the aforementioned Faux or Creme D'Nude, or Modesty, or Viva Glam II or V.


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I would go with something like MAC hang up. I know it's dark but it would be so pretty with that gorgeous dress!

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