Who Needs Heatherette Trio 2 anyway?


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Lol don't get me wrong everyones FOTDs that have been posted recently using trio 2 have been STUNNING! This is just me trying to feel better about missing out on it

This was me practising for my make up course next tuesday. The first lesson was all about creating a glowy face and applying primer, concealer, corrector, foundation, blusher, contour, highlight...etc There was a LOT to remember and I failed completely
Sadly me and my partner (a fellow metal head!) were the two WHITEST people there - Mac face and body Foundation in C1 was still too dark for us! My application was sloppy and I couldn't get the hang of applying and blending with a brush (I always use my fingers on myself). Next week is bold-ish eye make up though so I thought I'd have a little practise and here it is! Not great but I'm getting better I think

Everything used is MAC unless stated:

~* Face *~
Prep & Prime SPF 50
L'Oreal Infalliable Foundation In Porcelain
L'Oreal Infalliabe Concealer In Porcelain
Barbie Pearl Sunshine as Highlighter
Northern Lights MSF as Blush

~* Eyes *~
Frostlite Fluidline as base
Helium Pigment in inner corner
Fuchsia Pigment on lid and lower lash line
Violet Pigment on outer lid and crease
Black Tied in crease
Mi'Lady Purple over Black Tied and on lower lash line
Macroviolet Fluidline on upper lash line
UD 24/7 Pencil in Zero on lower waterline
Vanilla Pigment as highlight

~* Lips *~
Prep & Prime Lip
Boots No.7 Lip Liner in Nude
Lollipop Lovin
Like Venus Dazzleglass (except you can't see the sparkles very well






Oh and I LOVE my nail lacquers and just broke out my $$$$$ Yes. I love the colour but I only applied it Thursday and it's already chipped and pealing


I love my Blue tips N/L far more



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i'd love to be on a make up course right now!! mayb in th future, after i've done my NQT (im a teacher). u look gorgeous btw!!


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Aw thanks everyone.

Mimibrowneyes - I'm at the London College of Fashion at the moment in the Shepherds Bush part of it. Its a cool course but its rather sink or swim, the tutor shows you the demo on someone and then you gotta pair off and do it on each other while she mills around. Its hard, especially for me coz I go into a shy overload meeting new people. Its fun though once you get over the nerves, I highly recommend anyone it
I'm doing intro to beauty and fashion make up

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