WILD 4th of July FOTD- Had Some Artistic Fun With This!


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Well, since I have not done some intense looks in a while, I decided to have a last hoorah before I leave on vacation next week. I thought I would try to pull up something really fun and creative to share with you all here and on MUA.

Here is what I came up with :

Oh wait- before I show you the photos- here is a little info in case you are new to my FOTD's and don't know abbreviations or application techniques.

FL is Fluidlines

MES is Mineralized eyeshadows - these were from last Fall/Holiday collections in 2007.

I used the Fluidlines not only as liners but as a base under the eyeshadows. I use the MAC 242 brush which gives the nicest coverage.

I applied the MES eyeshadows and pigments with a damp brush- also the 242 for this as well as the MAC 231 for small areas. .



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You're amazingly talented! Have fun on vacation

I don't know why, but when I saw this I kinda thought of "American Gladiators"

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