WOC with makeup Blogs?


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I have one as well! The link is in my siggy. Check it out


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I'm throwing in my 2 cents!!!!

I've got a blog for WOC and I also like writing about beauty products in the Caribbean especially in Trinidad and Tobago!

Check it out in my signature!!!!!!


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I started a new blog, if you guys want to follow me its in my signature. hope to see some of you there!


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It's not very much because I started not long ago but I'm trying my best to build it up. XD


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Originally Posted by Untitled_Diva
Hey ladies, I love makeup blogs any woc like to share their blogs?

I have a Livejournal that has make-up looks. But not tutorials, but I'll post it anyway.


I like people to get inspired by my looks, maybe I post a tutorial in the future. But no one really comments on them. So I would like feedback of when I post make-up looks. Constructive comments and critisim are allowed
. But flames will be ignored and removed.


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Ooh, great, I love Blushbaby's blog but am always on the lookout for more blogs by WOC! Will start browsing and following!

I have one, it's a mish-mash of things but a lot of FOTDs and Nail OTDs (not enough nail swatches by WOC, I think! shades that suit paler hands often don't suit me!):

The Postcolonial Rabbit


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I have one I started a year or so ago. Its called Adventures of a Happy Housewife its about life, cooking, health, and spirituality. I also include FOTDs occasionally right now im focusing on my health so those have been my latest posts.

Links are in my siggy check them out comment and follow! My second one is a photography blog what can I say? I have many hobbies and love for things!

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