WOOHOOO!! White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I know CHI town is a happy place right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! man what a great game!! ESP last night! WOW 14 innings! Jermaine Dye totally deserves MVP he was on a ROLL!!!


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I'm a Yankee fan so I don't even care who won the world series. Yankee fans are snobs so screw the white sox. I was pissed when the Yanks lost. I was in the worst mood that night.


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im a yankee fan too but hey... may the best man win (unless its the red sox, in which case... DIEEEEEEEE!!! lol jk) im glad the white sox won, i wasnt really cheering for any particular team but they deserved it as much as the next guy!!! congrats for them!!! jasper, u must be happy as hell!!!


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Originally Posted by sxychika1014
jasper, u must be happy as hell!!!

Oh yeah! It's amazing how celebratory people have been in the area. It's good for the city - we've had some pretty low sports morale for a long time!!