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anybody currently work at a counter? I had a sucessful telephone interview and I need tips for the f2f interview (if they call me lol) please please let me know!


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I worked for EL at a counter a few years ago. Just be yourself but always be as outgoing and friendly as you can at a job interview. In case they make you roleplay be prepared to know how to act out selling a product to a customer. EL was big on "building the sale"...for example, if a customer comes in for a cleanser try to sell them a moisturizer, eye cream, foundation, powder, etc. as well. Be sure to take a resume with you!

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Originally Posted by VioletB
I think it depends on what store it is and how desparate they need someone. I've been with Lauder for 5 years now and I will tell you how I got hired... I was waiting tables and my account coordinater came in with my current manager and I waited on them. When I was all done and I gave them their check the account coordinater offered me a job and told me they were really interested in me because of my personality and my time management skills (being a server, they have to be there.) I had ZERO retail/cosmetic experience and I got hired on. That was also Meier and Frank days before Federated bought them out and it turned into Macy's so, I'm not sure anymore. Hopefully after tomorrow I will be at MAC though!! BTW.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Estee Lauder. They are such a great company to work for!! I actually had gratis that I hadn't used up so I stockpiled on all my skincare for me and my mom
They are always very generous at seminars and updates and they always have ongoing contests and counters like whoever sells the most mascaras in a month, etc. One time after my counter won a contest they sent us all with our husbands to a Jazz basketball game and dinner!! ANYWAY off on my tangent good luck you should seriously apply

yeah i think i definetly will give it a go!


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Bump! I did a phone interview (for Aveda though) and it seems I aced it but they want someone with experience especially for the location BUT when you enquire at a counter for an EL company they're way more interested in your approach and personality.

Anyone doing a phone interview, other than the usual customer service questions make sure you can drop some knowledge on the company!


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Estee Lauder Skill Summary:
A successful Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor loves to sell and is service oriented. They thrive in a fast paced environment, consistently meet or exceed daily sales goals, perform customer consultation and demonstrate product, and increase counter traffic by approaching customers. They must love to sell and service customers. They should be goal oriented and driven to achieve a daily sales goal. Friendly, energetic and a willingness to demonstrate product on the face. Ability to easily begin conversation, ask questions, listen to the needs and convey key benefits of product both in person as well as on the phone. They must thrive in a team atmosphere.
Overview of Position:
Cosmetics is one of the most vibrant and fast paced departments in our stores. Macy's relies heavily on our Cosmetics Sales Associates to keep the customer's shopping experience fresh and new every day through superior customer service and product knowledge. Key Accountabilities
Enthusiastically greet and engage each customer in aisle.
Demonstrate product knowledge.
Achieve sales and credit goals.
Develop and maintain customer base by booking events and clienteling.
Attend periodic vendor trainings seminars to enhance product knowledge.
Team oriented.
The ability to educate others about makeup trends and application.As an Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor you will be in a growth-oriented position that can lead to numerous career paths. The only limit to your growth will be your talent and passion for success. It is a position that is about growth, challenge, and opportunity.

I've been a BA with EL for a while now. I could not imagine working for any other company, from the gratis ( "free cosmetics"), fun training classes, awards for being top performer! Its fun trying to come up with innovative ways to "make your day".

Now, when I took my phone interview, the questions that were asked ranged from what you would do to have a customer sit in your chair, to selling. Its called the talents plus. to see where you fall into being ans enterprise, a relationship person, etc.

Best wishes to you and have fun!


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I've been a B.A for E.L for a lil over 2 years now. It's fun as long as u "make the day" (which means u meet ur sales goal) and, if u work for macys "open loyalty" ( get customers to apply for a macys card) Just for getting them to apply they reward u with $$. I like E.L and I'm a top preformer but Basically they hire u to work! If you have a 3 or 8 hour shift they expect you to work (always eigther selling something or building a sale) Since we get higher pay then anyone else at macys and we are commision. You have to always smile, greet every customer you can, turn a customer into a client, call back clients to see how they are if they need anything, and then their are presales (selling products a head of time to receive a gift later but they have to leave it at the store), build all sales always trying to sell at least 2 items per customer. Where I work my counter is very, very competitive and they love that competitive people. Basically if u are a shy person E.L is not for u. I'm actually thinking of applying at MAC, their I can work more with color and learn more about hte make up industry since I cant afford to pay for school to learn it I figurred id learn and get paid for it. But i have to admit E.L gratis is good, and the freebies u get, school is fun they feed u, they pay u to go, they pay u if its out of ur way to go, and u get free stuff when u go. A LOT OF FREE

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Ive had a telephone interview for a beauty advisor position with Estee Lauder in the UK, and have got a face to face interview in a couple of weeks with the area manager!! im nervous!! has anyone got any tips?

I dont know what the interview entails as she has arranged to meet me for a coffee....I am a bit confused as most people have had group interviews where they have had to carry out demos and roleplay....should I be worried???


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I recently was hired @ E.L. and Im very excited to get started. The interview process was a bit nerve racking, but I definetly understand why they make it that way. The talent plus was an interview like no other, so anyone getting ready to take it PREPARE YOURSELF. Its best 2 write down a couple of things about yourself that you've accomplished over the past few years. Think about situations when You've been a leader, or had some customer service interaction. be able to talk about previous job expierience and why u think u belong at Estee Lauder at this point. be able to tell them what u can bring to the counter, SELL YOURSELF!!! Think before u answer, they give u plenty of time to answer, Good LUCK!!!!


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Originally Posted by Clara L
Ive had a telephone interview for a beauty advisor position with Estee Lauder in the UK, and have got a face to face interview in a couple of weeks with the area manager!! im nervous!! has anyone got any tips?

I dont know what the interview entails as she has arranged to meet me for a coffee....I am a bit confused as most people have had group interviews where they have had to carry out demos and roleplay....should I be worried???

Hi Clara

Just wondering how you got on with your interview and hope you got the job?

I am interested also in working for Estee Lauder (UK) and was wondering if you would share your interview experience from the initial interview to the coffee/demo stage? I would like to be prepared if i do decide to go down this route.

Thanks in advance


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I have had 3 interviews with 4 different people for the Estee Lauder counter at Macy's. It has been a week since my last interview and i havent heard anything yet. The job is still posted , but i was told in my last interview that i would here from the store on what my next step would be. Any Advice?

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I had my third interview today for Estee Lauder the manager made it clear that I should hear from them tomorrow to say when I start so Im sure I got the job.

How do you guys like working there? This would be my first time working with cosmetics but I'm excited


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I wish I had some advice, but I'm in the same boat! I had my interview with the manager of the entire cosmetic/fragrance department at Macy's. Then she walked me down to speak to the EL manager for 10 minutes. Afterwards, she said "give me a few days, I need to reassign some people and move some people around.". I thought that sounded promising, even though I was extremely nervous at the interview. Since then, I've left one voicemail but have not heard a word. In the meantime, I had an interview at Saks that went very well. She basically told me I could choose which department I want ( not cosmetics). So I will be meeting with the handbag/accessories manager. I think Saks would be a great place to work and I'm excited for the opportunity, but I really wanted to work in cosmetics. I am starting Makeup Artistry class in two weeks. Anyhoo... Since I never heard from Macy's, does that mean I didn't get the job? Does anyone know if they send rejection emails? Any imput would be so greatly appreciated!

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I finally got the call from Estee Lauder last night, just when I was starting to think it I might not actually get the position but I got it :)

It really was an extermly long process my first interview was over a month ago but after three interviews I'm glad thats all over with

I'm not sure if you would get a call if they don't choose you but I would try contacting them again and if you don't hear back then I wouldn't pass up the other great oportunity you have


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Hi, Sarah

I have got a phone interview with Estee Lauder Company... Could you please let me know what kind of questions have you been asked??? also how would you answer if you been ask how can you sell a product to the customer??

Thanks so much


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It is mostly personality questions. Things like Are you a hard worker? Do you find it easier to work alone or in groups? Would your friends say you are reliable? etc.

The trick is to answer them quickly and honestly, they expect you to answer quickly and as honestly as possible, as well as not say what you think they want to hear. I should also tell you that for the most part the interviewer will not engage you in conversation or give you any feedback on how you did. It is a wham bam thank ya maam type of interview.

Just be yourself and nail it! You'll be great!



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I am waiting on a callback from Nordstrom for an EL BA position. I have had 5 interviews in approximately 3 weeks (1 w/Nordstrom cosmetic dept manager, 1/w EL counter manager, 1/EL account manager, Talent Plus and 1 brief phone interview with EL corporate). I am supposed to get a final decision within the next couple of days. If I get hired, what kind of training can I expect?

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