WORSHIP THE BALLS- A thread for Guerlain meteorites and the women who love them


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In the various Guerlain threads, I've noticed that there are always questions about the iconic meteorites: which ones are best for which complexion, what kind of result people should expect, whether they work as a highlighter, finishing powder, blush or all of the above and how the limited ones compare to permanent ones. So it seemed like a good idea to have a Meteorites thread for people to ask questions and share information about all th different permutations. (Ok, I admit it, I also just wanted to start a thread about balls.)


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Yay!!! I'm glad this thread was made. I don't have any balls yet, but I'm excited to finally get some!

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I'm a very warm toned NC25. I have two sets of Meteorites; the standard ones in 03 Medium, and the Holiday 2014 Perles d'Etoiles. They're pictured below:

Perles d'Etoiles, Perles 03 Medium


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Lmao, I can't with the hype title.
I think that an exclusive thread for the météorites perles is great since there seems to be hype about them.

I'd buy all perles with the metal tin can if I'd had spare money around starting with Aquarella and ending with the météorites perles de nuit. I have the LE perles du dragon and the perles d'Azur, and they are amazing!
The next LE ones on my list are the crazy champs élysées perles and the perles d'etoille. The permanent ones are great and versatile in their special way (Teint Rose and Teint Beige are more versatile for me though with the first being a glow and blends with my skin tone and the second one being more of a corrector but still keeping the glow), but I was a bit irked when they reduced the size and that the new ones are more powdery.


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I have just 2 of the pearls, Teint Dore and Perles D'etioles (the holiday version). Though I love the finish these attribute, I dont really see a lot of variance between the different ones atleast on me. I can detect some being more warm/cool than others. For the same reason, I have stopped myself from collecting a lot of the diff versions and of course a tub lasts you forever! I do occasionally get drawn to the new/other variants bec well they are so DAMN pretty!!
I am hoping not to go haywire and buy few more. For now I am thinking I am set (temptation is pretty strong though)!!

Meteorites (Teint Dore)

Meteorites (Perles D'etiole)


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The holiday ones will be my first official ones. I have a sample from Sephora of Clair, which I really like as well.
The holiday ones will be my first as well! My Sephora is lame and doesn't carry any Guerlain besides perfumes. :(

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