wut is ur 'girly' look?

Honey B. Fly

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what eyeshadow/lip/blush combos do u go 4 when u want that cute girly girl look?



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For the girly look its always pink gloss and cheeks with pastel shadows in blue, green, purple and teal.


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ok when I wear a look like this I feel ultra girlie with a fresh look.

face: ok I always buff my face w/ one coat of NMSF in medium dark..if I want a more bronze look I will go for two...since I dont have foundation ...that works for me....

blush: I love having blushbaby/or gingerly (my two soft sheertone no sparkles) on my cheeks...it gives me a natural flush...but when I do actually get a flush it looks like amber rose blush lmao I get red!!!!!!!!!! anywho...i love wearing the too faced "snow bunny" on my cheekbones...nice softy glow feel...to your skin.

lips: I apply rosebud lip balm and over that ...maybe a nudie brown or pink..somtimes nothing sinces my lips are rosey pink.

eyes: load up on mascara... and just add a dab of "pearl" base to my brow bone and tear duct. ...blend blend!!...no lines or anything just a glow.

Beauty Mark

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I use Northern Lights MSF or lightly apply Nars' Mata Hari, Nars' Pigalle lipstick, line my top lip in a matte brown, and apply the mascara like there's no tomorrow.


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I def agree with suggestions for pink here's a sample of what I would do:

MAC Naked Lunch all the way up to brow bone
MAC Folie in crease
soft liner on top lid
a TON of mascara, nice separated lashes though

pink blush - Dollymix or dessert rose

pink lipstick and gloss over top: I would use Rimmel Adorable with MAC pinkarat on top

Dani California

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Girly look, which I do quite regular as I'm quite pale and it looks nice and natural.

MAC Naked Lunch
Lots of mascara
MAC Dollymix or any other pink blush, with maybe a pinky highlighter on top
a pink lippy, or pink gloss like pinkarat.

Keep it nice and soft and natural def works for me.


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MAC dazzlelight e/s on the lid with some pink (MAC swish...sometimes i use disco pink from Clinique) applied very lightly and blended into the crease with some black eyeliner (i like to smudge mine - no harsh lines!!) applied on the outer 2/3 or 1/3 of the upper lid and lotsss of black mascara (curl those lashes!!!)...then some carmex on the lips along with a light pink gloss and maybe some pink blush.

if i'm not wearing eyeshadow i'll just take a highlighter (i REALLY like WnW's mega glo face illuminator - i have the very light pearly pink one) and apply it on my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes.


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Been extra poor this year so far, I've been using mostly drugstore products, so for my ladies on a budget or for those who just love saving $, here are my drugstore recs

ITA with everyone that says pink is their go-to girlie color! For me it's all about pink cheeks, subtle eyes with super full flirty lashes with a sheer pink gloss.

Milani blush in Luminous (the new 'mineral' version)
L'Oreal ColourJuice lipgloss in Bubble Gum
Revlon Skinlights under foundation for a glowy complexion
Milani Classic Beige e/s all over lid
Milani Java Bean smudged on upper and lower lash line and in crease if desired
...aaand a few individual lashes on the outer corners


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I do what Glamyourus does except i do bold eyeshadows. Pink lips and cheeks with teal,purple, pink or blue eyes.
If i'm feeling extra girly I wear some falsies.

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