~*~*~*yay back on! SUmthan a lil sunny ~*~*~


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Heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone.. i havnt been on in a long time. I had some probs with my account and couldnt log in... dumb aol!! lol.. anyway this is a repost a look i did a while ago... really i just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!!!
hey girlies... heres a lil sunny eye..lol i started off with just luvbud snappy and georgous gold... then as i went on i blended.. then added neru underneath... and this was my first atempt at using macs glitter brillants....i got a crystalized orange.. it is so hot... but i didnt have the mixing med..lol so i used a lil visine...well needless to say it was a lil messy!!!! hahah...but anyway i had fun playing with it... so then i added that and a lil of the orange liquid last...with some lashes.. i only did the one eye as u can kinda see i was unsure how it was going to come soooo here it is...lol


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