yes, another rainbow look.


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okay, i love C-shock, but i hate my camera. it just makes all the colors look so bland and grossssss. and it always looks better in person cause it looks pretty much all the same, no matter what combo i do.


there was really no green when i first started. nor is there any yellow. we were slow and my manager wanted to play, so she touched everyone up.




when i was getting ready

and just because i love my new dress:

i got it on my break and it matched perfectly to the makeup so i had to get it!

studio fix fluid NC45
select cover up in NW35
matte bronze bronzer
other worldy blush
after dusk blush
dollymix blush (even though you can't tell in the pictures)

viva glam V

overcast s/s
two faced first base
eyepopping e/s (omg so much prettier in person)
bang on blue e/s
romping e/s
claire de lune e/s


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Originally Posted by EmbalmerBabe
Your so cute! You look like Jem! I love your dress! Where did you get it?

charlotte russe.
i was on my lunchbreak and was looking for cheap pink accessories i saw it and was like omgggggg! i can play it up or play it down

&&& it was only like $12.99


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u are such a hottie!dang girl!your ROCK that mac jewelry!love the eyes the lashes and most the skin!

that sff looks amazing on your skin!totally flawless!

work it out!

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