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    Maybelline Color Tattoo

    Just picked up 2 of these new Color Tattoo 24 hr shadows from CVS. They're reminiscent of paint pots. They come in a few colors. I picked up Tough and Taupe and Fierce & Tangy. I'm definitely going back to get the others. Then I'll be able to write a little more about them :) I can say that...
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    Payless Cosmetics

    Swatches of the new l/g from Unforgettable Moments found in select Payless Stores. top to bottom: plum sparkle, deep berry, blushing peony, pink orchid top to bottom: desire, paradise, spice, whisper top to bottom: ruby, rose amber, red silk, blossom
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    Steelo Cosmetics

    So, I was looking thru my January issue of Essence magazine for like the 100th time and I came across something I kinda skipped over during the previous 99 glances. I noticed a small section for Steelo Cosmetics. The two eyeshadow shades they have pictured look like they're worth a try and the...
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    Sigma makeup brushes

    I've seen a few videos online about the Sigma brush collections. They said they're comparable to MAC brushes. I was wondering if anyone has tried them. If so, what are your thoughts/feelings about them?