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    Hugs for anyone who remembers me!

    Like the subject says, anyone who remembers me gets hugs. The hugs will have to be virtual, though Studio Tech NC15 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Mocha Blush Porcelain Pink MSF Bare Canvas Paint Pot (base) Girlie e/s (lid) Star Violet e/s (crease, lower liner) Sketch e/s...
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    Fotd 6/6/08

    FACE Bare Minerals Nars Laguna Bronzer MAC Sweet William Blushcreme Anastacia Brow Powder EYES Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Nice Vice Paint Pot (base) MAC Satin Taupe e/s (lid) MAC Au Contraire e/s (crease, upper/lower liner) MAC Carbon e/s (crease) MAC Parfait Amour e/s (lower liner) MAC Idol...
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    Fotd 5/6/08

    FACE Bare Minerals Fair Bare Minerals Mineral Viel Bare Minerals Faux Tan MAC Shimpagne MSF Flirt! Crazy In Love Blush EYES Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Shimmermint & Beige-Ing Shadesticks (base) MAC Heatherette Trio 1 (lid, crease, browbone, lower liner) Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara Anastacia...
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    Long time, no post?

    Hi guys! I doubt anyone will even remember me but I used to post here, heh. I haven't been wearing makeup much lately, to be quite honest, but I do want to start actually putting some effort into how I look again. I've really missed posting on here. You guys were like a little family and I've...
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    7/05/07 Fotd

    FACE: Everyday Minerals Fairly Light Neutral Benefit Dandelion EYES: Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) Vex e/s (lid) Parfait Amour e/s (outer lid, lower liner) Au Contraire e/s (crease) Shroom e/s (browbone) Vellum e/s (browbone) LIPS: Plum l/l Long Stem Rose Slimshine l/s
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    4th of July - OMG I'm Alive!

    I'm happy I swear. I just don't tend to smile in pictures..I don't like my chin FACE: Strobe Cream Shimpagne MSF Mocha Blush EYES: Cork & Mystery e/s (brows) Crimsonaire Shadestick (base) Sea Me Shadestick (lower liner base) Passionate e/s (lid) Orange e/s (over Passionate) Sketch e/s...
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    Cultured Look

    Even though I don't have any products from Strange Hybrid yet, I decided to try one of the looks. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation NC15 NYC Translucent Loose Powder MAC PRO Red Violet e/s (cheeks) MAC Light HyperReal Powder Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Gracious Me Shadestick...
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    5/1/07 Fotd

    Two days in a row \m/ It was a very pink day, haha. Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Crimsonaire Shadestick (lid base) MAC Playful e/s pigment (lid) MAC Whistle e/s (inner lid) MAC Passionate e/s (outer lid) MAC Cranberry e/s (crease) MAC Sketch e/s (defined crease, lower liner) MAC...
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    4/30/07 Fotd

    Blahhhhh. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore. And when I do, it's usually never eyeshadow. Just foundation, eyebrows and mascara. Today was a rare day where I actually decided to do my eyes up. No full face pics 'cuz I look like crap ;] Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Sea Me Shadestick (lid...
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    3/16/07 Fotd

    FACE: Everyday Minerals Fairly Light Neutral Original Glo Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust DuWop Bronzerush MAC Bloomsberry/Tiger Lily Blush EYES: Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Sea Me Shadestick (lid) Ben Nye Jade e/s (lid) MAC Aquadisiac e/s (inner lid into the crease) MAC Plumage e/s (upper...
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    2/4/07 Fotd

    I decided to do orange and blue in support for the Bears tonight.. wow, what a crappy game lol. Anywho.. FACE Everyday Minerals Neutral Fair Foundation Duwop Bronzerush in June (just the bronzer) Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy EYES Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Mango-mix Shadestick (base...
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    1/26/07 Danse Quad

    Long time no post, eh?? Because of some pushing by some people I've gotten my butt around to taking some pictures of my makeup from yesterday And, I WAS trying to smile in these pics but I kept on sneezing and couldn't take a decent pic lol =\ FACE MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW15...
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    Fotd 12/8/06

    Everyday Minerals foundation MAC Plum Foolery blush Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Crimsonaire Shadestick (lid) MAC Swish e/s (lid, lower liner) MAC Cranberry e/s (crease, lower liner) MAC Sketch e/s (defined crease) MAC Vellum e/s (browbone) MAC Shroom e/s (browbone) 3 different colors from the...
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    Fotd 11/10/06

    FACE: Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light Neutral Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust Cover Girl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Bronzer in Natural Bronze Bourjois Blush in 35 Lune D'Or EYES: Benefit Lemon-Aid (base) MAC Sea Me (base) MAC Aquadisiac e/s (lid, lower liner) MAC Blue Brown pigment (crease...
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    got my hair cut!

    i colored it like..a week ago, btw. my hair this morning, before i got it cut. now! i love it..i got it cut like this in july, but it looks even better this time