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    EO!!!! Lovely to see you! I hope you're good. And yeah, it definitely WAS a splurge... (thanks to hubby, I've to admit). I found all colour description on the Hermes site (and promo pics of the blushes) super confusing, ttbt. I went with Rose Blush because it said coral and I thought I couldn't...
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    I do find the scent (and taste) of all products rather notable, but that is such an individual thing! Also, I did get a few things (Rosy Tan, Rose Blush, one of the brushes and Rose Oasis), and haven written about them on the blog. I also took about a million pics... ;)
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    Guerlain discussion

    The Pucci collection of summer was my first - hm. 2012? Loved it.
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    Guerlain discussion

    Apparently there won't be a Fall collection due to covid. There will be a Holiday collection, but late - I heard November.
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Popping in to say hi and PQ - our hair colours are similar!!!!!!! Anitacska, I always use Goldwell Elumen. They also have turqoise and blue.
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    MAC Vibe Tribe Collection (May 12/19 2016)

    Not at all! PP is more purple than HC.
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Veeeeeeery pretty manis (and pedis!) all around! I especially liked Anitacska's red one, MRV's green one and PQ's EP! i'm back from Singapore with my FFs (Grace did drop them off at the hotel when we were out to have dinner, so we haven't actually met) here they are! (With a token kpt polish)...
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Hm, I'm not totally convinced of the new EPs. Seem nice, but I can get a nice holo anywhere, right? Woohooo Anitacska, that's some FF p0rn! I'll get mine next week when I'm in Singapore - Grace has kindly agreed to drop them off at our hotel. Soo looking forward to them! Allright ladies, I...
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Fuzzy, you're a genius! I couldn't figure out why I couldn't post pics - and then you mentioned the iOS update! Hah! Yay! So, that's the nailland cbl exclusive. Scattered sun-flare. And hi from Shanghai, everybody!
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    Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup

    Thought I'd post a quick look while wearing Plumbrella: No idea why it's not upright...
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    It might be a bit far fetched, but are here any Specktrettes from China? Or have you been there, especially Shanghai? I'd love to chat a bit about beauty, shopping for makeup, and generally living there!
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    Petition against proposed EU law to ban perfume ingredients

    Hello follow perfume lovers, as many of you may know, the European Union has proposed a law to ban a lot of traditional ingredients used in perfumes. That would mean the end of perfumery as we know it. One of my RL friends, a member of the perfume board, helped to compose a...
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    Tread Gently Tendertone Is that a real Tendertone? With which collection did it came out?