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    Best of 2014

    I know the year isn't over, but most of the holiday products and sets are out and end of year sales are kicking into high gear so I thought it might be helpful to hear what everyone thinks the best products of 2014 are. I cut down on makeup purchasing this year and didn't buy products in...
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    UK HG beauty products?

    My family and I are leaving for our trip to the UK next week. While I wouldn't buy products I can get in North America much cheaper while I'm there, I wondered if there are UK brands that I should be trying. My youngest has been researching and plans to buy the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3...
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    Three different MUAs, three completely different foundations

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place or that I'm not repeating a topic; I had a look around first. I apologize in advance for the ramble, but I want to give some history. When I rediscovered my love of MAC a couple of years ago, the first thing I did was go to a MAC counter to be...