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    ZARA bag coral red from summer collection 2019.
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    What's For Dinner?

    Angus burger grilled in oven. Potatoes and carrots mashed together.( Not enough potatoes for only mashed potatoes) Coleslaw using some carrots, sweetheart cabbage. Cantaloupe melon rind homemade pickles.
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    What's For Dinner?

    Chicken Piri-Piri. Salad: romaine, plum tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, sweet dill pickles, few black olives. Rice and peas with a little grated coconut. Fresh mango.
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Quite by chance found a Indie nail polish collection on youtube a video by Angela Clayton.She sews lovely dresses and has a ceramics dolls/figurines collection video also worth watching and a nice bedroom re-do vid.
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    Resolution LOW-BUY 2020

    So far since my last post february 1 nothing of makeup so 0. March to start spring season I bought ZARA perfumes 10 bottles: 1 x 100 ml Neroli Sunset, 6 bottles of 30 ml ZARA Gardenia, Femme, Violet Blossom, Wonder Rose limited edition, Orchid and Twilight. And 3 small travel size bottles 10...
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    Resolution LOW-BUY 2020

    Month of January shopped the sales online once. Bought moisturizer and cleanser , 2 highlighters gold and copper , 1 mini lipstick Rose Hibiscus and a Xmas holiday kit: makeupbag including Red lipstick and red lip pencil. Total euro 29.50 = usd 32.72 KikoMilano Thinking about what to buy in this...
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    Resolution LOW-BUY 2019

    I am not on a Low_Buy I just never buy much because I am homebound due to illnesses. I do not use makeup daily so things last me a long time. Looking back on 2019. Bought some highlighters BeautyRevolution and the Maybelline molten gold. 1 blusher Bourjois - Rose Jaspe. 2 red lipsticks Essence...
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    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    Jen Luvs Reviews Youtube did a recent video January 3 2020 of lipsticks declutter she explains about it.
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    Guerlain discussion

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    The Non_Blonde blog Gaia sad news?

    I am still shell-shocked from her demise. She seemed so vibrant energetic full of life...She died from undiagnosed heart condition.....I am many years a cardiac patient, to my first cardiologist who I had very long time until he retired early. I used to comment to him that maybe more people...
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    The Non_Blonde blog Gaia sad news?

    Thanks I will go read.
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    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Today I buy online 2 eyeshadow palettes and 1 lipstick.
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    The Non_Blonde blog Gaia sad news?

    I used to read there and this past summer looked at some posts. Went to site today and read that she passed away suddenly in november. Anyone know more?
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    Guerlain discussion

    Very pretty!