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    It's been a while; Monday Blues EOTD

    Haven't been active on Specktra so far this year at all, I must change that! I rarely wear blue eyeshadow at all, I'm kind of afraid to in public. Oddly enough today is "Blue Monday", but I came up with the idea for this look the other night. :P I used: TFSI Fyrinnae Pixie...
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    Handful of EOTDs&FOTDs (Long post, beware!)

    Hey guys. :) Just some things I wanted to share with you. Hopefully I can remember everything I used! From today; I used: UDPP MAC Painterly pp MAC Vanilla Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Fyrinnae Aztec Gold (omg insanely gorgeous asdadkj) Aromaleigh Pera Fyrinnae...
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    CoC Revisited: Shadowy Lady Cut Crease

    I've been neglecting the shades in my Shadowy Lady quad (besides Shadowy Lady, I use it quite often) so I thought, "I'll try a cut crease with this!" since I'm trying to get better/faster at cut creases. Hope you guys enjoy! :) I used: UDPP NYX Milk jumbo pencil MAC Vanilla...
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    Olivey Green Goodness

    I've really been into green lately. Green eyeshadow, green nail polish, etc. Maybe I just really want Christmas to get here... ;D Anyways. I used: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Aromaleigh Serpensortia (omfg gorgeous dfjasfjfas) Aromaleigh Tarnished Strychnine MAC...
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    Cult of Cherry revisited: Spiced Chocolate FOTD

    I haven't used my Spiced Chocolate quad from Cult of Cherry (my fave MAC collection ever) in a while, so I decided I'd put it to good use today. The look isn't anything special but I quite like it. Hope you guys enjoy! Face: NARS makeup primer (white tube) MUFE HD and Hard Candy...
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    My attempt at a cut crease!

    I got a bunch of Aromaleigh stuff in the mail recently so I've been playing around with all of it. This was inspired by a look Brian (Candee Sparks here on Specktra and Youtube) did a whiiiile ago, so I thought I'd try my best at doing a cut crease and this is what I got. Hope you guys like it...
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    Bright Blue, Purple, Green EOTD

    Something not smokey for once! Haha. Since school started back up for me I haven't been doing really dramatic looks since I don't have as much play time, so weekends=fun makeupz time. I hope you guys like this! I used: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Fyrinnae Digital Faerie Fyrinnae Parental...
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    Teal/Turquoise-y Smokey Eye

    I got bored this morning and played around with one of my fave shades from Fyrinnae, "Hypercool", which is a shimmery turquoise on a black base. Absolutely stunning. The result was very dark, very smokey. I love it! I used: UDPP MUFE #21 Aqua Cream Fyrinnae Hypercool MAC Scene UD Flipside...
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    Holo Smokey Eye tutorial

    Thank you to everyone who gave great feedback to this look, I wasn't expecting as much as I received, hehe. To the girls who requested a tut., you have no idea how flattering that is. xD And for that, you are awesome. Alright, first off: I'm so sorry about the blurriness... It was cloudy/rainy...
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    Holographic Smokey Eye

    Photos do not do these eye shadows justice... But I tried my best to show the beauty of them. Equality isn't as holographic-y as it could be, since it was blended out more, thus some of the sparkle was lost. If you're looking into buying from Fyrinnae, I definitely recommend both "Immortality"...
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    Warm and Cool EOTDs

    It's official: I'm a Fyrinnae addict. It is like beautiful, cheap, sparkley crack. Played around more with my shadows and did a different look on each eye. Hope you guys like it. Warm Eye: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy MAC Vanilla Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions Fyrinnae Sugar Skulls...
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    Banana Kamikaze! Firey Fyr. look

    ...I don't know. xD I received new goodies from Fyrinnae today, decided to play around, and this is the result. I really like it. I used: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy MAC Vanilla Fyrinnae Banana Mochi Fyrinnae Kamikaze Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica Fyrinnae Electro-Koi Hi-Fi Pointless Intervention...
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    Last Call to get Baked!

    Played around with my Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, this is what I came up with. I used: UDPP MAC MSFN UD Baked UD Last Call UD Twice Baked UD Oil Slick UD X UD Polyester Bride UD Zero 24/7 el Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara Thanks for looking.
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    Dressed To Kill in this Humid weather

    I'm so witty. ;D I quite like this look actually, so proud that I didn't mess up while playing around with my shadows. I used: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill MAC Humid MAC Gorgeous Gold MAC Vanilla NYX Black NYX Rock Mountain Green jumbo pencil MAC Fascinating e/k MAC...
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    Pinky purpley burgundy-ness

    My camera sucks and makes colours look bad, so I edited it a tiny bit (added some contrast and brightness) so the shadows look how they do irl, at least kinda. Everything is much more bright and intense irl, though. No more babbling! On my eyes: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy MAC Vanilla MAC...