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    Cupid's Arrow-My Valentine's Day Look

    Hey ladies and's the look I did for my Valentine dinner with hubby. I did a pink and purple look using some of my HK items. I wore a black dress with a pink and silver heels so I wanted to do something fun to jazz up the black dress. Thanks for looking! Face: Monistat Chaffing gel...
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    Lucky Tom and Studio Sculpt-NC50

    Hey I did a quick look with the Lucky Tom palette and in this pic i'm' also wearing Studio Sculpt foundation (NC50) with Studio Sculpt concealor (NW45). Love this stuff! If I would have known at the time that I was gonna post this on the board I would have taken more shots from...
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    Sexy Ladybug makeup for Halloween

    Hey guys...I have a costume party to go to for Halloween and I'm going to be a ladybug. I'm trying to think of what I can do with my makeup. Any ideas or suggestions? I'm at a loss.... Thx!
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    4th Times the Charm: MAC Pigment Woes

    Okay I did a general search on the site to see if I could gain some insight into the problem that I've experienced with pigments and I couldn't find anything directly related. Also, i'm not sure if this should go in the Recommendations thread or not...feel free to move it if necessary. Okay...
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    WOC-MAC Gesso e/s

    So ladies of color...what say you? Is this a "stay away from" or a "must have" for the collection? I've been thinking about picking it up but I wanted to get an idea of how some of you use it and/or if you just can't make it work and why. I tend to think that WOC can pull ANYTHING off if...
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    219 Brush-precision crease

    I've noticed that a lot of you ladies use your 219 (MAC) brush to apply your crease color/outer v color. Can you give me some tips on this? Right now I used my 217 or 224 blending brush to apply my crease color and i'm not getting the precision that I would like. Some of you ladies have nice...
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    Girl about town?

    Girl About Town lipstick by MAC? I think it's a very pretty color but I'll admit I'm having a flashback to my Dollymix blush fear. (FYI I love this blush now) I plan to go in to the store and try it to see how it works on me but I wanted to get an idea of what it looks like on some of you (if...
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    Hello All from brownsuga lady!

    Hi all! Just wanted to officially introduce myself to the site. I'm new here and I'm already loving all the knowledge, tips, guides, tutorials and information about MAC makeup here. I've been mildly (okay maybe highly) obsessed with MAC for several years now. I'll have to take pics of my...