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    Cosmetic for sensitive skin

    My skin is sensitive. Which brand of cosmetic is more gentle and fit for sensitive? Help!!!
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    Super good oval makeup brushes

    Once you try a single oval toothbrush, you'll want to collect them all. They are super soft and use feeling good.
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    Makeup for the coming weekend

    Have a makeup for the coming weekend. Make yourself beautiful and charming. Wish you a happy weekend.
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    Roses are always so charming

    Roses are always so beautiful and charming. So many pictures but I can just share some of them with you.
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    Rave for Real Techniques brushes

    Love those brushes Love those brushes so much. Looks great.
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    The best makeup is to sleep well

    The best makeup is to sleep well. Do you agree?
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    Any good cream to protect skin from being tanned in summer?

    Sooo hot summer. Love it but afraid to get tanned. I don't want to be tanned by the hot sun. Does anyone know some sunscreen cream? It should have good protection to sun. Price is also important, not too expensive.
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    5 Ways to Apply makeup for summer

    We guarantee that with these 5 flawless, humidity-proof looks, you will definitely be putting your best face forward for the rest of the summer. Saturday Afternoon with the GirlsStep 1: Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, a creamy golden mineral powder to combat oil, and a bronzer for a...
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    Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Summer

    Many men can’t understand why women still like doing makeups when the days are so hot? Actually, it’s simply because women want to look beautiful all the time. It really has nothing to do with what the weather is like. One of the most popular makeup looks is the smoky makeup. A lot of...
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    How do you hold your makeup brushes?

    It's a good idea that u just put your brushes in different holders to keep them clean and in good order. I sometimes DIY holders when I was in good mood. Take this for example Sometimes, I may buy purchase some from website or in store. Since they have different usage. The former one...
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    How do you hold your makeup brushes?

    Makeup brushes play a very important role in our daily life. We use them in for every single day to make us charming and confident whenever in the working office or at home. How to put them in the right place? Here's some of the makeup brush holders in the following picture. Brushes...