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    Who's going to IMATS Pasadena?

    I will be attending both days and I was wondering who else will be there for sure, maybe we can all meet up. Also I live in Pasadena so I know the area maybe we can all go get something to eat after-wards. If not that's cool too lol. I already have my schedule of class I want to sit in on...
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    MAC Pro to Pro Party in LA

    Hey are any of you going to attend the Pro to Pro Party at the Robertson Location. I will be attending and was curious to know if anyone else was going. Maybe we could meet up there. Let me know!
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    How do I give thanks to a Specktra member. I am new to the site and I noticed I have been thanked a couple times. I want to thank a few people as well but I do not know how to go about doing it. Can someone please shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance, Celina
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    Rainbow Bright- FOTD

    Face Bare Minerals Loose Foundation Eyes Naked Cosmetics non of the shadows have names lol So I used the Yellow, Green, Pink & Blue for both the upper lid & lower lash line. Maybeline Mascara Mac Fluid line- Black Lips Senna- Molten Still Shots...
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    My 1st FOTD

    FACE: Bare Minerals- SPF15 Foundation- Medium Tan & Tan Bare Minerals- Complexion Booster- Warmth Blush- MAC Blush Cream- Posey EYES: Ruby Cosmetics- Primer MAC- Da Bling e/s - entire lids MAC- Pink Freeze e/s - brow bone MAC- Post Haste e/s - crease & outer lower lash line Scene 1 e/s -...
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    LA & OC peeps!

    Anyway, I am looking to make new friends who love makeup as much as I do. All my friends aren't into it. If any of you would like to hang out, shop, or have mini classes then let me know. I was thinking we could put together a group where we could learn from one another. For example lets say I...
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    LA & OC affordable Pro. MUA Classes

    I am a aspiring MUA. I am 23 and have two kids and I can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to attend MU Schools. So I have done some research and I have found a few schools that offer Professional MUA courses for a fraction of the price. I though this would be helpful for those of you who are...
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    Eye Candy

    I purchased this book at the IMATS last Saturday. If you are a Eyeshadow Whore like myself you will love this book. It has 55 different eye makeup looks. It was 14.99 but I am pretty sure you can get it on Amazon for a little cheaper. I think its awesome!
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    Hello all

    Hey everyone, I have been lurking for awhile now. I finally actually had the time to sit down and register. I love it here. I have been applying makeup to myself & sisters for years. For about a year now I have actually thought about using my talents to become a professional MUA. Being on this...