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    application certification...eeeeee!!!

    did my application certification today and passed! woohoo! ...and i'm deliriously tired right now. i just wanted to share how excited i am with someone, but none of my friends seem to really get what a big deal it is. :/
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    Balloonacy *pic heavy*

    hi all! yesterday at update, we got to play with the balloonacy stuff... we were in groups of about 5, one model and the rest just got to make up a fun and funky look. i was the model for my group, and i thought it turned out really fun, so... here are the pictures! i'm not really sure what the...
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    She Shines June 2006 (new pigments)

    i know everyone's been dying to hear about the new pigments, so when i saw the update book at my counter this morning i copied down the information. there'll be 7 new ones and 2 repromotes. i'm pretty sure the collection is called she shines? i can edit this post with more info once i go to...
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    *sniffle* MIA brush

    i spent about an hour looking around my room for my stupid 109 brush... i really really wanted to try it out for something, and i know that the second i go buy a new one i'll find my old one somewhere obvious. *pout* anyone else a retard like me?
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    my skin is making me insane.

    my skin is going CRAZY. it used to be very low-maintenance, i'd just wash it with water and then moisturize... i live in colorado(for one more month, anyway) and it's very dry here. for the last month or so, my face has been really weird, it suddenly has oily spots and i've been breaking out...