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    I like the packaging too :love:
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    How Is Everyone Doing?

    Oooooh! I love Hunters!!!! :love: And this red is gorgeous! Sometimes I feel sad about the current situation, and then I think about all the pretty things that we have, from a growing flower to a glass of sparkling water (or a lipstick ;-). I know it sounds cheesy but it makes me not get...
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    How Is Everyone Doing?

    A big hug for all of you! 💪
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    How Is Everyone Doing?

    Thank you so much! I'm glad to tell you that here things are going better: it seems that almost every day there are less people who get infected. It's very early, however, for knowing when we will out from this situation, but al least, as I told you, there is some hope. Hang in there also! I...
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    How Is Everyone Doing?

    I'm happy that you all are well. The first days of isolation are the worst, so be brave! I'm writing to you from Italy: you know how the situation is here, and also in my country, Spain. Fortunately today is the third day in which the number of infected people has decreased here in Italy. I...
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    Searching for Christmas tigths

    I'm searching for Christmas tights to wear with a beautiful dress (so, no "freaky" tights, you know what I mean). Any ideas? :thanx: