Jersey girl at heart, temporarily transplanted to MD because of the Navy. I just had a beautiful baby boy in January '09, and he's been the most wonderful part of my life ever since. Being a mommy has cut my time to play with make up down by a HUGE sum, but it's all totally worth it...I adore my son, and of course, I still make time for my first love; MAC!

Ballroom dancing, playing with my makeup...and getting tattooed!
Stupid MD. ...going back to Dirty Jersey soon...
I'm sailor. :)
Favorite Cosmetic Line
MAC! ...and I do love certain products from other lines..just not obsessive about them like with MAC
Most Favorite MAC Color Collection
Wow! Hard one...I loooved Barbie...and Stylistics...oh hell, I love them all.


Is it wrong that I have a crush on Pinhead?