ghostly gossip

I am 10 years old, I have I sister and has a crush on Zayn and a kid named Zachary am very smart a nerd and I tomboy. Love thehe adventures or one direction. Fave song is story of my life. I am in 5th grade and my birthday is may 5th. Look for me on moviestarplanet. USA: kernel fireworks UK:captainsparkelzbiggestfan
Minecraft: spectraV18
Wizard 101: olivia emeraldhaven
EAH WEBSITE: lizziedarling10
I like writing fan fictions. And has a American girl doll and 55 monster high dolls! Shy but sweet and sort of a hot head...
Stay up late and doesn't like to sleep.
HATES BULLYING and loves songs with messages. I watch parodys and the fine bros and moviestarplanet videos. Had a huomongs crush on Zayn and Zachary.
Really good singer but bad dancer. Loves to write fantasy story's. Likes candies boots and the sims.

minecraft, gaming, swimming, singing, reading, writing and one direction Movestarplanet
I am elementry student I 5th grade (but I want to become an author) ;D