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    "Your eyes have a golden sparkle!" - GBA I love you!

    That's what my dad said when he saw my eyes. He was quite the fan of this look and I am too. I LOVE GBA MES soooooo much! Eyes: Greasepaint stick Gilt by Association MES Next to Nothing e/s Smolder kohl Red Cherry lashes #43 ( <------ told you I'm addicted to this way affordable brand!)...
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    Vegas look - night one! =)

    So this is my look I wore my first night in LV. =) It was a month back so I kinda sorta remember the colors. Eyes: Black tied e/s Mythology e/s Next to Nothing e/s Red Cherry lashes (#102) Lips: BabySparks d/g ( my mean look, along w/ my Mango Vodka. hee hee) Me and my cousin...
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    *~*It's been months! (Crest the Wave, Violet Trance, Pandimonium FOTD) =) *~*

    Hey lovelies! It's been ages since I've been on here. I do have some FOTDS from the past months but here is my most recent! Hope you likey! Eyes: Next to Nothing e/s Crest the Wave e/s Violet Trance e/s Pandimonium e/s Black Track f/l Red Cherry #523 ----------> ( I LOVEEEEE RED CHERRY...
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    A sea of blues =)

    My blue look! =) Hope you likey. (Sorry about the eyebrows!) Pure white pig. Yogurt e/s Aquadisiac e/s Atlantic blue e/s Deep truth e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell Wispies
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    *~*Grad + 30 lbs gone FOTD!!! B.S- in Biology w/ a Minor in Criminal Justice!*~*

    So I graduated yesterday and just loved my look for graduation! It went very nicely with my brand new dress! ****My mom is the one who gave me the color mix for my eyes! Plus... I've also lost around 30 lbs since October!!!!! So it was a very emotional graduation for multiple reasons and...
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    Deepened Sunset it's a pleasure to meet u!!!

    I had no idea what to call this look.. LOL.. but I likkkkkeeeyy it and I wanted to share! Eyes: Cranberry e/s Firespot e/s Beauty marked e/s Yogurt e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell wispies Feline liner Engraved liner Face + Lips: Vanity's Child l/s some clear sparkle gloss Emote blush Trace gold...
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    Smoke & Diamonds ~smookkeeyy out!

    Heeyyy loves! It's been awhile but I wanted to throw out this look! I think it's my new fav smokey look! =) Eyes: Smoke and Diamonds e/s Solar white e/s Pandimonium e/s Black Tied e/s Llama e/s Blacktrack f/l Black Russian liner Feline liner Plush lash Ardell wispies Lips: Lollipop loving l/s...
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    My XOxoxOX day look & a smile for Ash! =)

    Lol.... sooo here's my look for today! Eyes: Sunset B. e/s Brule e/s Fig 1. e/s Electric Coral pig. Face: Harmony Gold Trace Lips: Cultureclash l/g Here's the smile Ash! =P
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    *~*Lucky Tom *Creasing style!*

    Hey loves!!!!! I was sooo iffy on this palette but I fell in love with it when I saw it in person! This is my first look with the palette.. (OH yes.. more looks will be coming!) Eyes: Lucky Tom (all colors) Brule e/s Blacktrack f/l Zoom lash Lips: Mimmy BOO- I didn't have time to do my...
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    BAM!!! I'm back after a lil while... sooo 4 FOTDS!!! Sweet!

    Hey lovelies! Oh how I have missed you guys sooooo! It's my last semester so I plan on ending strong PLUS I've made a decision to get healthier so I've been hitting the gym non-stop. I've dropped 15lbs since November! =) Best part is that I'm decreasing my health-risks! WOOOO hoooo!!! Okay on...
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    A momentary indulgence of pigments.. yummy.

    So... I rarely post up FOTDS that show neutrals.. but I figured.. what the's all pigments... so let me just post it... plus I liked it enough to show ya lovelies! =) Eyes: UDPP Heritage Rouge pig Museum bronze pig Blond's gold pig Jardin Aires pig Brown down e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell...
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    Xmas Tree OHH Xmas Tree.. on the EYES! =)

    Hey guys!! I did this look for our annual family Secret Santa party yesterday! =) I forgot how much I love playing with greens! (P.S - I fixed the liquid liner afterwards..) Eyes: Next to Nothing e/s Frost pig Pure White pig Green pig Kelly green pig Forest Green pig Mystery Kohl Feline Kohl...
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    *~*Deep Winter Look*~* (Grape, Climate Blue, & Cool Heat)

    Hey guys!!! Got a new camera after my old one broke the weekend after my bday... It's been awhile.. FInals r next week.. so I decided to procrastinate and do this look which I've fallen in love with... and hope to make it better in the near future =) Hope u guys like and HAPPY...
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    3 different smokey looks (green,purple,black) all in ONE night!

    So I went down to San Diego last weekend to celebrate my 25th along with my best friend Laine's 25th! I only got a close up of her eyes closed =( But there are pictures to show our looks that I CREATED =p : Mine: Blacktrack f/l Grape pigment Black Tied e/s Next to Nothing e/s Ardell lashes...
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    *~*My Birthday FOTDS from yesterday!!!*~*

    So yesterday I reached a "Quarter of a Century" and it was sooo much fun. It was w/ family and NEXT weekend I"m going to San Diego to celebrate with besties! It was a great day and evening.. of just being KICK-BACK.. just the way I like it! So here's my FIRST FOTD under my new Screen name too...