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    Regular green single e/s EOTD!

    Just one colour, nice bottle green, from the following WALES eyeshadow palette: I foiled them using the mixing medium (homemade) and they stayed for nearly 11 hours (of course it did fade a bit due to my oily skin) Please excuse my hair, the bangs always get in the way of the pic.
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    Pinky pink EOTD to match my top

    Hi you lovely girls on Specktra! I love looking at everybody's FOTD/EOTD... Here's one simple one I have today. It's muted since I'm at work and don't really want to stand out too much. Face: Foundation plus moisturiser and pressed powder under the eyes. No blush. Lips: Very pale nearly nude...
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    FOTD - Gold/chrome & Nearly natural

    Hi All, Just tried out the mid week golden chrome eyes and last Friday's nearly natural looks. For both used: Lakme Foundation ELF Blush Revlon blush quad for contouring (i'm still a noob at it) ELF Smokey eyes quad (used the black as liner on top of the eyes) Unbranded eyeliner in black...
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    Simple in-a-hurry Purple/Pink eyes

    Hi All , My EOTD was a bit hurried and I barely had time to blend it in. Hope you can see the colours clearly. Face: Loreal Happyderm moisturiser + Revlon Skinlights lotion Eyes: Used chapstick as base. Pink and purple shades from a Boots eye-shadow quad. Brush - came along with the quad. My...
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    My First FOTD - Smokey eyes!

    Hi all! This is my very first attempt at posting a FOTD (In fact the first time I've shown my pic on any forum) so please bear with me! So here is the list of make-up I used: FACE Base: Loreal Happyderm moisturiser + Revlon Skinlights lotion Mac Studio Fix pressed powder in C03 ELF Natural...