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    been away awhile...

    my father recently died and there has been a lot of family hardship and my health has been pretty bad....but I'm glad to be back, I love Spektra!!!!
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    Shiseido Perfecting Rouge Lipstick

    Anyone pick up any of these new colours by Dick Page? They are thinner in texture than regular Shiseido lipstick, but the colours are amazing. I got six of them, they stain nicely but they have a second skin not really there feeling. If your a fan of heavy, heavy lippstick, then they won't be...
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    Hungry Heart

    Hungry Heart is a duo of highlighters-powder form-that can be used anywhere on the face and body. One side is a peachy colour, like orgasm but with more gold, and the other is a pale gold highlighter-more gold than Albatross, but still subtle enough to be a highlighter for cheeks, eyes...
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    Dior Holiday Quints

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    Sephora: Stila Stila Blockbuster Set ($450 Value): Combination Sets Did you see this one? Its like an instant collection.
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    Lanisoh is a pure lanolin creme-its 100% lanolin. Its made for nursing mothers nipples. It heals cracks and makes them soft and supple, and its safe if the baby ingests it. Anyway, it is the biggest bargain for lips. It is better than Blistex or Carmex. Put it on your lips overnight...
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    Don't knock Jordana. They make nicely milled powder compacts and some of their matte lipsticks (try Rio) look expensive on the lip but cost a buck. I do like their automatic eyeliner-not as much as MAC's, but for a buck or 2 the colour and staying power is excellent.
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    Ayako's looks for 2009

    Ayako is the international makeup director at NARS. How to Get Phillip Lim’s Gypsy Eyes -- The Cut: New York Magazine's Fashion Blog
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    NARS Holiday 2008 Collection

    A Touch of Blusher: -NARS That's a great gold......
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    New Lifting Foundation

    Sephora: NARS Firming Foundation: Liquid Foundation This is a large spectrum of colours, and a somewhat heavier texture of foundation.
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    Dior Fall 2008 Collection

    A Touch of Blusher: Dior Fall 2008 Makeup Collection Autumn brings richer jewel tone and leathery colours.
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    Fall 2008 Guerlain

    Jeu De Dames Colour Play Lip Palette (limited edition) $68 Ombre Éclat – 4 Shades Eyeshadow (limited edition) $57 401 Jeu de Nuit 402 Jeu de Nacres KissKiss Extreme High Fidelity Colour – Velvet Finish $29 120 Rouge Infini 141 A Jamais Brun 121 Orange Encore 160 Plus Que jamais Rose 140...
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    Fall 2008 line

    This August, be prepared for the no-name Fall 2008 Nars Collection to knock your socks off. This eight-product, 10-color line was inspired by the clothing on the runways at the Fall 2008 fashion shows. The shades are bold neutrals that contain warm, earth-tone metallics for the eyes, and dusty...
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    On photography and commerce in NARS

    Commerce As Culture By PIA CATTON April 10, 2007 In the luxury marketplace, the effort to sell high-end merchandise by enhancing its closeness to the arts is now as common as gift-wrapping Whether by placing works of art in the store or sponsoring performances, retailers are giving a new sheen...
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    NARS and Tahiti....

    When François Nars, the star makeup artist turned cosmetics king, sought a serious retreat from his lightning-paced working life, it was perhaps inevitable that fantasy would be the keynote of his quest. For Nars, make-believe is a way of life. His first adventures in maquillage involved...