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    Can you help me identify this Mac Polish?

    I was searching through my polishes and found this. I've had it for years and years and the sticker dropped off years ago. I'd love to know what it's called as it's beautiful! You'll see how old it is from the pics! The swatch does it no justice, its a rich dark purple with a light frost...
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    Advice From Bloggers Please!

    Hi all I'm new to Specktra an new to blogging and I'm really enjoying both! I'm just wondering any experienced bloggers could offer any advice on a) keeping the blog interesting and b) how to attract readers? Whilst I am enjoying blogging, it'd be nice to feel I'm not just writing to no...
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    Nude lipstick for very re/pink lips

    Hi all, This is my first thread! I've read lots of posts on here about nude lip colours but I'm still not sure what would work best for me. I'm very fair and freckly, blue eyes and my lips are naturally very pink. I am looking for a nude to achieve a darky smokey eyes but nude glossy lips...
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    Hi from Devon :)

    Just a little post to say hello from a noob in Devon England. Look forward to reading lots of fab cosmetics stuff and getting to know you all x