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    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2019

    I loveeeeeeee DE :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    Pretty choice :heart:
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    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    It really is....because I heard that you B2M for lipsticks in the UK as well. Obviously it is only Germany that allows only eyeshadows :( That is annoying :shakehead: I am sorry to hear that. It really does :mad:
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    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    You are so lucky that you can still B2M for lipsticks. Here we can only B2M for lipsticks anymore :(
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    A warm Hello from Germany!

    I would like to say Hello to everyone! My name is MACina and I am from Germany. I have an ardor for MAC since December 2007..... At the moment I get a chemotherapy-and lost all my hair. That was very hard but it is also the reason why I came to MAC!With a nice Make-up I feel much...