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    PPI Haul

    PPI Haul. Two palettes and refills. And a Kryolan fine liner brush
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    MAC haul

    Not so much of a "haul", rather more of a replenishment...
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    Why do you love MAC products?

    It's a good street make-up brand, great selection of colours / shades, readily available, and I get a 40% Pro discount. And they just informed us that they won't charge us for the two year membership discount, so there's that.
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    What are you reading right now?

    The blue script for a feature called Longing. We go to camera next week.
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    MUFE Haul

    Another haul...
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    MAC haul

    Latest MAC haul.
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    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Yes. Both Dermacolor and Dermablend both have extensive shade ranges in both concealers and foundations for WoC and for health related skin conditions. You can also try Charlotte Tillbury, Bobbi Brown, RCMA, Kryolan as well to cover-up the same health related issues.
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    Jones Road Beauty

    Can't speak of their foundation line. I have used their Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose. Yes the product does sheer out, (which is nice) but feels a bit tacky. The downside is the product smells off like it was expired. Customer service says that's normal and the batch or lot that particular jar...
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    Anyone collect older MAC postcards/ promo material?

    LOL, wow, I used too!!! As a MACPro member I used to get them all the time and saved them for the looks. Now due to Covid, I haven't received any invites or product promo's. I also collect MAC Fashion Cares T-shirts. Not looking to buy, as I already have the one's you have for sale. I also...
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    Career opportunities

    There is also the Fashion industry, and the Film and Television industry that hires a lot of hair and make-up artists.
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    What's For Dinner?

    Pork Milanese on a bed of spaghetti with roasted broccoli.
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    Can you make your pores look instantly smaller?

    8 months later... A little product goes a long way. Either using your finger or a sponge, gently pat the product onto the area you want. You can also use it on top of your make-up as well.
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    Makeup For Tattoo Cover-Up?

    The most difficult tattoo's to cover up are on the neck, fingers and backs-of-hands, due to the constant movement of the skin, and hands and fingers touch everything! So tattoo cover make-ups wear down very quickly due to these constant movements and abrasions. I am going to cover this neck...
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    Makeup For Tattoo Cover-Up?

    Here is an example of 2 types of tattoo cover ups. The one on the left is alcohol based (99%). The one the right is creme based. The Blue Marble SeLr is a water-based make-up sealer (light duty), best for bridal make-ups. And can be used here to seal both products. Alcohol based - Skin...