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    Pat McGrath Beauty

    It looks really beautiful in the pictures I've seen, but I have a ton of highlighters so it's going to have to look really lovely on my skin tone for me to buy it.
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    show off your pets! -ALL pet pictures go here-

    My Lucy (dog) and my BK (cat)
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    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Hi, I was just wondering what everyone's favorite way to store their PMG Mothership palettes is. I'm getting ready to try and redo my set up on my dresser and was looking for suggestions on a good organizer for them since if kept in the cardboard packaging they're a bit on the thick side. Thanks...
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    Cleaning out my stash

    Melt Gamma Ray and Ultraviolet blushes are sold.
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    Cleaning out my stash

    Unfortunately, I do not. I only got the lipsticks from that collection.
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    Resolution LOW-BUY 2020

    I was a part of the old thread(s) but I haven't posted in Specktra for far too long. I had been doing so well for awhile but then I fell back into my old habit. 😩I'm now recommiting to going on a serious low buy and am working on using up my stash and am also working on destashing as well. 😊
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    Hi and welcome to the forum! :wavey:
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    Cleaning out my stash

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking a peak at my sale! I can post/send pictures of anything you would like me to. Most items have only been used a handful of times, I just need to start getting rid of some of the items that im just not using. I can take any payment via PayPal or Venmo and will ship...
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    MAC X Selena Collection (April 2020)

    I'm really excited for this collection, thanks for all the shared pics. 😊
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    MAC x Mariah Carey (December 8, 2016)

    The app has been having a countdown to the preshop on it. It currently says 2 more hours until launch and will probably say 1 more hour come 7am (I'm cst) so I'm guessing it'll pop up by 8am cst
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    MAC In The Spotlight Collection

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

    Some Mario swatches taken outside and I didn't use a primer.
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    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    I do! Brb! And back! Swatched outside and over some UDPP. Left is Zone and right is NMQM.